Greg Bryant, former Notre Dame and UAB Football Player, Dies At 21 Following Shooting

Greg Bryant, Former Notre Dame and UAB Football Player, Dies At 21 Following Shooting

Greg Bryant, former running back for Notre Dame and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has died at the age of 21 after being shot early Saturday morning on Interstate 95 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

WPEC12 reports that his family confirmed Bryant’s death on Sunday afternoon.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Greg Bryant and passenger Maurice Grover were found shot in a black, four-door Chrysler on Interstate 95 in West Palm Beach, Florida, around 4:45 a.m. on Saturday morning, according to police. Grover suffered only minor injuries.

Both men were taken to St. Mary’s Hospital with gunshot wounds. Greg was admitted into intensive care.

On Saturday, there were conflicting reports on social media over whether Bryant was still alive, with some saying the Delray Beach native had died. High school friends began tweeting condolences along with pictures of the former star. The family also reportedly received condolences from the University of Alabama-Birmingham head coach Bill Clark and the school’s president.

When University of Alabama-Birmingham officials learned that he was still alive, a statement was released by Clark.

“We understand that our running back, Greg Bryant, is still fighting for his life in a Florida hospital following injuries he sustained in a shooting earlier today. The condolences we expressed earlier today were based on information a family member at the hospital provided and gave us permission to release. We remain steadfast as a Blazer family in our prayers and support for Greg and his family at this difficult time.”

According to the Palm Beach Post, Bryant was the biggest name in UAB’s first recruiting class since restarting the football program.

Bryant spent last season living in a hotel in Miami with friends while attending classes at ASA College-Miami after failing to meet eligibility requirements to continue his Notre Dame career. He played in only one game before his coach suspended him, and he later transferred out to ASA College.

Clark praised Bryant earlier this year for making the grade.

“Greg worked extremely hard this spring on the field and in the classroom. He told me his GPA this semester was the highest he has had in his life, and he was very proud. The light really went on for him here, and he had a bright future ahead of him.”

A former fellow high school player, Josh Ward, shared fond memories of Greg Bryant before news of his death was announced.

“My best memory of Greg was occasionally he would walk to the practice field singing, ‘I love practice. He told me that instead of chasing my dreams that I should catch them. He’s a great person. … Fun to be around. One of the first people I looked up to on and off the field.”

After news of his passing, several players, coaches, and sports personalities took to social media to express their regret.

No suspects have been identified in the shooting death of Greg Bryant, and investigators are asking for the help of the public in finding witnesses to the shooting.

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