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Are ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Mike Shouhed And Wife Jessica Parido Getting Back Together?

Mike Shouhed of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset claims his wife, Jessica Parido, wants him back.

In August, 2015, after just months of marriage, Mike Shouhed’s wife moved out of their Los Angeles home after discovering proof of his past infidelity, and months later, she filed for divorce. However, according to Mike Shouhed, she has since had a change of heart.

“I will always love her,” Mike Shouhed admitted to Life & Style magazine on May 4. “She wants to get back together. She told me, ‘I miss you, I want to give it another chance.'”

When news first broke of Mike Shouhed’s divorce in November, 2015, his rep spoke to E! News, revealing his desire to mend their marriage. As the rep explained, Mike Shouhed begged for Parido to come back to him on his “hands and knees” and offered her a heartfelt apology, but at the time, it was not enough.

In fact, not only did Parido not give Mike Shouhed a second chance, she quickly moved on with a new man, Karlen Shubaralyan, and within weeks, there were rumors swirling in regard to their impending engagement.

“Jessica’s boyfriend, Karlen [Shubaralyan], bought her the most beautiful engagement ring,” an insider told In Touch Weekly in January, claiming Shubaralyan had a “romantic” proposal planned. “Jessica went through hell with [Mike Shouhed]. She deserves to be happy.”

According to the report, Parido didn’t expect to move on from Mike Shouhed so quickly, but after dating Shubaralyan for several weeks, she was said to be sure he was “The One.”

Since In Touch Weekly‘s report was shared, shocking allegations against Shubaralyan have surfaced, and Parido hasn’t mentioned him at all in recent months.

In February, Page Six claimed Shubaralyan had been charged with “forcible rape, burglary, violating a restraining order, two counts of injuring a spouse, two counts of dissuading a witness from reporting crimes to authorities, and three counts of criminal threats.”

As the outlet revealed, the 10 charges against Shubaralyan were filed by his former wife, Taline Bilamjian, and resulted in him being thrown behind bars without bail. At the time of the report, it was noted that Shubaralyan was facing nearly 26 years in prison.

Regardless of what is going on, or not going on, with Parido and Shubaralyan, Mike Shouhed is currently dating a woman he met on Facebook and has no interest in rekindling his romance with Parido. However, while Mike Shouhed isn’t planning for a reunion with Parido at this time, he does claim to have learned from his relationship misstep.

“I made a mistake and I learned from it,” he told the magazine.

Last month, after the season premiere of Shahs of Sunset aired on Bravo, Mike Shouhed appeared on Watch What Happens Live where he spoke of his divorce with host Andy Cohen.

“We’re separated in the middle of our divorce,” Mike Shouhed told Andy Cohen, according to a report by The Daily Dish. “In California, there’s a six-month cooling off period.”

“I’m very fortunate. After our problems, I guess, and going back-and-forth being very aggressive with each other, now we’ve become a little more cordial with each other,” Shouhed said of his relationship with Parido. “So we keep in touch. We touch base. Look, five years together, she was 21 when I met her, so we shared a lot of memories in very pivotal years of her life.”

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