Barbara Corcoran speaks her mind

‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran Responds To Controversial Tweet On ‘Yanking Up Your Skirt’ To Grab Attention In The Business World

Barbara Corcoran is a smart businesswoman, so why is she telling female entrepreneurs to “yank up their skirts” in order to get ahead in the business world? In the tweet that she sent out on Tuesday, that is exactly what she has suggested, and now the real estate expert is getting plenty of flak for that comment on social media. Two days later, she has responded to the backlash, and she is not about to apologize for her views on this topic.

The 67-year-old entrepreneur has her own business strategy that she has stuck with for years. She is not changing her mind on it, but she is explaining why she feels the way she does. Corcoran was interviewed by Good Morning America co-host Amy Robach on Thursday as she responded to all of the criticism that she has received over that Twitter post.

“I find running a #business in a man’s world to be a huge advantage. I wear bright colors, yank up my skirt + get attention.”

Many women are saying that this sends a bad message and is the complete opposite of progression when it comes to females moving up the ladder in a man’s world. They also said that you shouldn’t get ahead in business by what you wear, but be judged by your intelligence.

As for Barbara Corcoran, she said that she is downright surprised by the reactions that she has gotten since she sent that tweet. She has never been one to mince her words, as GMA noted. The Shark Tank star is all for a woman, and even a man, to play up whatever they have going for them. As for Corcoran, she plays up her sexy legs and makes no bones about it, which is why she yanks up her skirts to show them off.

“I think it is a great gimmick, actually, if you are smart enough to get attention and I don’t think that is sexual in any way.”

Barbara makes use of flirting as well. She used the example of men who are trying to get ahead by smoking cigars, wearing Rolodex watches, getting flashy, and playing golf with their bosses. She said that men use these gimmicks, but that women don’t use those kinds of devices.

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The message that Corcoran seems to be trying to get across to females is that grabbing attention is the key to success. She mentioned that you definitely need the brains to get the numbers on a balance sheet, but if everyone in the room has the same intelligence as you, something needs to get their attention in order to go forward in the world of business. She believes that both men and women should use what they have.

Amy Robach pointed out to Corcoran that many mothers out there are telling their young daughters the exact opposite message that she is sending. Barbara disagreed as she said that she has been in the business world so many years now that she knows that standing out from the crowd is the best route to go.

“If you’re beautiful, let yourself be beautiful. I just feel like you should use whatever you got to your advantage. I see it as the only way to get it.”

She is certainly not backing down for what she believes to be true. Barbara Corcoran has obviously used this strategy in her business dealings for many years, and it has worked for her. The backlash that she has received has come hard and fierce, but there are also many women who actually agree with her views.

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One woman who commented on Twitter agreed, saying, “Who am I to disagree. Look at all her success. Woman have been doing this for decades, she just has the balls to say it.”

According to CNN Money, Barbara has her $18 billion business annually with her Corcoran Group that operates in real estate, not to mention the investments that she makes on Shark Tank. She is just as successful as Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. According to her, if she has to use her legs to get ahead, that is exactly what she will do.

Do you agree with Barbara Corcoran?

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