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Rick Scott Tells Companies To Leave California And Come To Florida – Governor Of California Not Happy

Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, started his three-day trip to California today by taking part in a Milken Institute Global Conference panel — which also included Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin, John Hickenlooper of Colorado, and Terry McAuliffe of Virginia — where he talked about jobs in his state and why different companies in The Golden State should make a transition to The Sunshine State.

Scott will also visit 13 different companies during his stay, which will span the cities of Los Angeles — where he did the panel today –, San Jose, and San Francisco, reported NBC Bay Area.

In his talk in Beverly Hills for the Milken Institute, Rick Scott said that he believes wages in Florida are much better for businesses, considering the minimum wage in Florida is only $8.05 per hour while in California, the minimum wage will be gradually increased to $15 per by 2021.

“My job is to get jobs for Florida families. I’ve done trade missions around the world, this is my second trip to California,” Florida Politics reported Scott as saying.

The Huffington Post reported California Governor Jerry Brown as saying that Scott should “stop the silly political stunts and start doing something about climate change.”

Brown even wrote a letter to Governor Scott, which said that he should be worrying more about the looming threat of climate change, instead of trying to poach jobs from a state that ranks seventh on the world economy list and cited a quote from a report made by the Risky Business Project — a nonpartisan climate initiative led by Hank Paulson, Michael Bloomberg, and Tom Steyer — stating that “Florida faces more risk than any other state that private, insurable property could be inundated by high tide, storm surge and sea level rise. By 2030 up to $69 billion in coastal property will likely be at risk of inundation at high tide that is not at risk today. By 2050, the value of property below local high tide levels will increase to up to about $152 billion.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that Scott responded to Brown’s statement by saying that “tax and spend administration has spent the past year passing laws that make it even harder for businesses to succeed. Job creators will face a crippling, new challenge on top of California’s already high taxes and burdensome regulations.”

This is interesting, considering that on May 1, 2015 Scott signed a bill that would severely limit the business that companies from the State of Florida could have with companies from the countries of Cuba and Syria, which in turn could make it harder for certain businesses to succeed.

Scott also spoke about Cuba briefly, saying that he doesn’t believe there will be any changes made until the Castro brothers are out of power. Florida Politics also reported Scott as saying on the matter that “we are prevented by law from establishing any significant business operations in Cuba today.”

Rick Scott Signing Cuba-Syria Trade Bill on May 1 2015
Rick Scott signing a bill on May 1, 2015, which prohibits Florida taxpayers from hiring firms that do work in Cuba or Syria. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

The Tampa Bay Times reported that the panel ended when a man cited a Rick Scott pamphlet which compared California to Florida. The man asked Scott why anyone would move from California to Florida when in California you could be paid significantly more for the exact same job than in the State of Florida. Scott didn’t answer the question.

About a month ago, Rick Scott was in the news because of a video circulating online, which showed Scott being yelled at by a citizen named Cara Jennings in a Starbucks for his stances on multiple issues, including those involving Medicaid coverage in the State of Florida, his signing of an anti-abortion bill, and the fact that he seems to be favoring quantity over quality when it comes to the types of jobs being added to the States economy, reported The Inquisitr.

Rick Scott has been to a number of places in the last few weeks promoting his same Florida jobs cause.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]