'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Glenn Was Killed By Negan According To New Fan Theory - Does Steven Yeun's New Casting Prove It?

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Glenn Was Killed By Negan According To New Fan Theory — Does Steven Yeun’s New Movie Role Prove It?

Fans of The Walking Dead are probably getting tired of new theories about who Negan killed. That hasn’t stopped the theories from coming, though, since many really want to know which of their favorite characters won’t be coming back for Season 7. There is a brand new theory out there that pinpoints Glenn as Negan’s victim, and based on their evidence plus a very timely new movie to film, it looks like Steven Yeun may not be headed back to TWD to reprise the role of Glenn Rhee after all. Take a look at the evidence below and let us know what you think.

In the TWD comics, Glenn is the character killed by Negan in the epic Season 6 finale that played out just over a month ago on AMC. However, that doesn’t mean that he dies on the hit series as well, because as we all have learned the hard way, even when characters are killed off in the same manner as in the comic books, it’s not always the same characters that get that death.

That said, during the Season 6 mid-season finale, The Walking Dead teased a pretty horrific death for Glenn, only to bring him back when the series returned. The fallout from fans about the shocking near-death scene was enough to make writers and producers rethink killing off such a popular character. Or maybe it inspired them to go ahead and let Negan kill Glenn rather than passing even more shocking real death onto someone else.

Many have broken down the final minutes of the Season 6 finale in an attempt to figure out exactly who died, and according to Movie Pilot, the YouTuber BeforeISleepFilms is one of the latest to do the same. However, their theory is looking a lot more solid than most fan theories out there as they reviewed the point-of-view shots that were filmed as Negan did his dirty work.

In this most recent fan theory about which of Rick’s group Negan beat to death with a barbed-wire-wrapped bat he calls Lucille, it all comes down to a couple of rocks. In the video seen below, it was pointed out that there are two rather normal-looking rocks that were grouped together right in front of where Glenn was kneeling. In the point-of-view scene that fans saw during the very last minutes of the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, those same two rocks (or two very similar rocks) are also seen from the same position where they would be if Negan chose Glenn as his victim.

It seems like a simple and almost silly clue for such an iconic scene in the most popular TV show, but it looks pretty plausible considering that Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhee, has been cast and is currently filming a science fiction film. The Hollywood Reporter recently announced that Yeun scored a role in a sci-fi movie called Okja. According to IMDB, that movie is currently filming, which might pose a real problem for Yeun if his character is still alive on The Walking Dead. Normally, filming for the AMC hit resumes around the end of April or beginning of May, and there are already reports of activity in Georgia at the filming sites.

Okja, which stars Tilda Swinton and will be released on Netflix, started their filming schedule on April 22. The project will be filmed in South Korea, Canada, and the United States, drawing questions about whether Steven Yeun could possibly film The Walking Dead and a feature-length movie at the same time.

Based on the clues about the two rocks in front of Glenn during the shocking Negan death scene and the fact that Steven Yeun is moving on to some pretty impressive projects, do you believe that Negan killed Glenn in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead?

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