Scott Disick erupts on an old man after colliding with his car in Beverly Hills.

Scott Disick Lashes Out At Old Man In Expletive-Filled Video: ‘Get Away From My F*****g Car!’

Scott Disick is currently facing criticism from fans after he was seen screaming and hurling expletives at an older man after reportedly “colliding” with the gentleman in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Video footage of Scott Disick’s encounter with the unidentified elderly man surfaced on social media after witnesses were able to capture the duo’s heated argument unfold on a sidewalk in Beverly Hills on Saturday. According to Gossip Cop, Scott and the elderly man began trading verbal insults after Disick reportedly “collided” with the man while making his way to his car from a sidewalk. While it’s unclear who initiated the argument, the video shows both men screaming and placing blame on one another as a result of their run-in.

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“Come on man, f*****g move,” Disick can be heard shouting in the video, prompting the elderly man to respond, “You’re walking into me, b****!”

Following the man’s response, Scott can then be heard screaming, “Shut the f*** up!” before lashing out at a photographer who tells the reality star, “Hey, that’s an old man dude,” with “I don’t give a f*** how old he is, get away from my f*****g car!” The video concludes with Scott Disick entering his vehicle and driving away from the chaotic scene.

Currently, Scott Disick has not addressed the heated run-in with the elderly man on social media, with his last Instagram post occurring four days ago in honor of Kourtney Kardashian’s 37th birthday.

The news comes just one week after Scott Disick was spotted at weekend one of Coachella alongside Kardashian’s sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, before being photographed with Amber Rose at a VIP bar at the event last Saturday. While Scott and Amber previously ignited dating rumors earlier this year after being spotted together on a few occasions, Rose spoke out against the romance claims in January via an interview with Allegedly, People reports.

“That is not true,” Amber Rose explained in response to the Scott Disick dating rumors. “This is the thing with Scott, which is really unfortunate because I didn’t want to be in that messy situation.”

Rose continues, “I’ve met Scott three times, right? He’s a really cool guy. I met him through mutual friends. We have never hung out together alone or nothing like that. We’re not close, I don’t know him like that.”

While Disick has sparked dating rumors with a variety of women since Kourtney Kardashian called off their longtime relationship last year, the reality star and mom-of-three recently opened up to Today about her on-again, off-again relationship with Scott while noting whether or not she sees herself getting back together with the self-proclaimed Lord in the future.

“I don’t know. We’re not getting back together right now, but I don’t know what the future holds in life,” Kourtney Kardashian explained of her tumultuous relationship with Scott Disick. “We’re doing our best…to be the best parents.”

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Kourtney also addressed Scott’s attendance on the Kardashian family’s recent trip to Vail, Colorado, telling the show’s hosts that while the trip was “great,” she and Disick are still “friends at this point.” Disick posed alongside Kardashian for a few Instagram photos and was also spotted spending time with Kourtney and their three children during the trip.

What do you think of Scott Disick’s behavior towards the elderly man in the video?

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