Ben Maisani Kissing Pictures

Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Caught Making Out With Another Man

Anderson Cooper‘s long-term boyfriend Ben Maisani was photographed kissing another man in a public park, with the photographs of the alleged affair surfacing a couple of days ago.

Maisani and Cooper have been in a serious relationship for at least three years, but questions are now surfacing on whether the “silver haired fox” and his love will still be together after the pictures have come to light, reports The Huffington Post.

Cooper announced his sexuality earlier this summer, saying, ”The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be more happy.” The announcement even sparked wedding rumors about the TV anchor and his live-in boyfriend, but even friends of the couple are wondering if their relationship will survive the scandal. A friend of Anderson Cooper’s told The Huffington Post that:

“They both have very busy lives and have enormous trust in each other. But at the end of the day, they come from very different worlds. Just this weekend, Anderson was hanging out with Beyonce at the UN headquarters for World Humanitarian Day, while Ben runs a gay bar in the East Village.”

Life Style notes that Anderson Cooper is very upset about the pictures of his boyfriend Ben Maisani making out with another man, saying that a source informed them:

“Anderson was with Ben in Croatia when he was told about the photos. They were on a yacht. They flew to Croatia on Aug. 11, one day after the photos were taken. Anderson’s upset — who wouldn’t be?”

The source added that, unlike previous reports, Anderson, 45, and Maisani, 39, so not have an open relationship, meaning that the photographs were a huge betrayal for the popular TV anchor. Despite the news, The Daily Mail reports that there was no hint that Anderson Cooper was upset on Saturday when he joined other A-listers in New York for Beyonce’s performance honoring World Humanitarian Day at the UN headquarters.

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