'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Talks Season 7 Premiere - It's Going To Be Intense

‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Lauren Cohan Talks Season 7 Premiere – It’s Going To Be Intense

When The Walking Dead finally returns for Season 7, Lauren Cohan says the premiere episode is going to be “explosive.” The very first TWD episode is supposed to pick up where the Season 6 finale ended and finally answer the question about which of Rick’s survivors Negan killed. From that point, fans can finally mourn whichever beloved character met their end by way of Negan’s barbed-wire wrapped bat that he calls Lucille.

Many fans were furious after The Walking Dead wrapped up Season 6 and failed to tell them who Negan killed. It was an epic cliffhanger and definitely wasn’t something that TWD fans wanted to wait for seven months to find out. Some fans were so angry that we never learned the identity of Negan’s victim that they even started a petition to have the highly-anticipated death revealed. Others took out their anger on Scott Gimple, who was the director for that episode.

Lauren Cohan recently talked to E! News about the Season 6 finale and how The Walking Dead will fix the painful cliffhanger when Season 7 returns in October. Prior to the finale, Cohan was one of the stars from TWD who said filing the episode was one of the hardest things she’s ever done. Her co-star, Andrew Lincoln, said that he was late to work on the first day of filming because he was up all night because he was so upset about the upcoming scenes.

“I think the reaction is almost in keeping with the emotional peaks and troughs that the show takes us through. I’m really glad that the show is coming back with information. It’s not like people are being left hanging and it’s the end of the series or anything,” Cohan said. “So, I would say it’s really a testament to people’s dedication, but I feel like this is going to be the longest six months. I really do feel the pain of it.”

When the AMC hit returns in the fall, the actors who star in it will already have had time to grieve the loss of whichever cast member was killed off. Fans will just be finding out who Negan killed though and depending on which character it is, it might cause a lot of upset with The Walking Dead fans. Lauren Cohan talked about how fans would react when Season 7 begins and fans are able to see exactly what went down after Negan was finally introduced.

“We’re so depleted and emotional in the scene. I can’t even really talk about the night. Not just to you, I can’t talk about it with my cast mates or remember it without having a very physical memory. It was so weird,” Lauren Cohan said of the Season 6 finale. “It was effectively a giant funeral for one of our loved ones and we just don’t know who that is. There was a lot of hugging and embracing…during the filming those two nights. You can imagine…We’re pretty broken up about the whole thing.”

Cohan was eventually able to watch the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.“I could’ve easily not known what was going to happen for how surprised I was at the emotional level of that finale,” Cohan said. “It was pretty good. I mean, I definitely could really have avoided watching, but the funny thing, I think, about the show is I really enjoy watching it as a fan and I sort of detach from even having privy to the information or having been a part of it.”

When The Walking Dead returns for Season 7, fans will immediately get to see who Negan killed. The episode is said to start right off where the Season 6 finale stopped, finally clearing up that uncomfortable cliffhanger that Scott Gimple and the rest of the TWD crew put fans through for seven long months. In the meantime, we’ll keep gathering information and trying to find spoilers to confirm exactly which character Negan killed so that fans can get through their grieving process in order to really enjoy another season of the AMC hit.

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