News network CNN gets a makeover

Meet The New CNN: Late-Night Talk Shows, Reality TV Programs, Anthony Bourdain

It’s no secret that CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. In an effort to fix flagging numbers and save the news station, a serious makeover is in order amid the departure of a top executive. Get ready to meet “CNN 2.0,” featuring late-night talk shows and reality TV programs.

CNN chief Jim Walton recently announced his resignation, humbly stating that “I think this company needs some new thinking,” and stepping down to make way for new leadership. Though he is responsible for the network’s success, he has also carried it through failures, including the network’s most recent ratings, the lowest in 20 years. With Walton’s exit, Newser predicts a dramatically different CNN in the coming months, with specifically altered weekend programming, including talk shows and reality TV programming.

Slated are five reality shows to air Saturday and Sunday nights, as well as a new show featuring celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Late nights will see a talk show in the vein of The View, to air at 11pm. CNN is currently on the hunt for network personalities that aren’t necessarily known for news. Among these potential hosts, Bourdain is the “prototype,” according to the New York Post.

The change-up is similar to, “that moment when MTV decided to stop playing music videos, because it wasn’t working more,” said one outside producer who has been in meetings with CNN executives. Outside producers will play an integral role in CNN’s makeover, an unprecedented move for the network.

As for CNN’s current line-up? Most of them will likely disappear (but honestly, how many of them can you name?). Except Anderson Cooper, of course, whose wide appeal might put him in front of the camera more often and in different ways under the new CNN.

Should CNN change its programming? Can you imagine a CNN with late-night talk shows and reality TV programs? Sound off!