Brad Pitt’s Brother Doug Pitt Stars In Second Virgin Mobile Commercial [Video]

When the brother is from the Pitt family, Virgin Mobile has decided to give a brother a break — for the second time.

Doug Pitt, the unassuming Missouri businessman and regular guy next door, has filmed a follow-up commercial for Virgin Mobile Australia after his first video for the wireless company went viral when it was released in July.

In the original video, Doug Pitt — the so-called second most famous Pitt in the family — appeared in a commercial for Virgin Mobile Australia that good-naturedly spoofed his middle class, non-jet-set lifestyle as compared to his older brother, A-list actor Brad Pitt.

The second video provides a similar, but slightly different, satirical spin. As London’s Daily Mail describes it:

This time, Brad Pitt’s look-alike brother steps out of the comfort of his home to hit the red carpet with rock musicians, an entourage and even a gospel choir.

The Virgin Mobile Australia website for the Doug Pitt advertising campaign (“fair go bro”) explains why Doug Pitt is the face of its brand:

It’s amazing how a bit of fairness can make you feel like a star. We’ve made things fair in the Pitt family by making Doug Pitt the star of our campaign.

Both videos were created by ad agency Euro RSCG.

In the new video, Doug Pitt talks about how Virgin Mobile has gone out its way to make him the center of attention and even give him an entourage. Watch the new video here:

Doug Pitt has said in the past that he is constantly mistaken for his older brother. Do you think there is a significant family resemblance between the Pitt brothers ? Would you consider switching to Virgin Mobile based on a video starring Doug Pitt?