bacchanal vegas buffet

Bacchanal Buffet Set To Open In Vegas, And Become The Biggest Buffet In A City Of Excess

Details about Bacchanal, what is set to be the biggest buffet in the city of the biggest buffets — Vegas — are beginning to leak out, and all signs point to the name befitting the food orgy that will be contained in the new venue.

Bacchanal will be part of Caesar’s Palace, of course, replacing the original Bacchanal, which closed in 2000. The decadent buffet will be a staggering 25,000 feet, seating 600 guests in the space.

Vegas is littered with buffets, so a new one in and of itself is not really big news. But Bacchanal seems to be a far cry from the piles of mediocre crab legs and overcooked pasta so endemic in the city of average excess — the culinary mecca will take a leaf from newer buffets with more diverse palettes and menus.

Most notably, the Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon, visited by two of our Inquisitr writers in July of last year. Where the majority of Vegas buffets offer standard, nearly wedding-like fare, the Wicked Spoon offers a cut above with inventive, unique and almost risky fare, all plated beautifully in a way that encourages exploration and not gluttony. (Well, perhaps a bit of gluttony, but no one will blame you given the above-par offerings.)

A press release heralding next month’s opening of Bacchanal describes breakfasts for $20, including an omelet station and red velvet pancakes among 95 dishes offered for the first meal of the day. Lunch is priced at about $24, and dinner, boasting more than 400 offerings, runs just under $40.

The press release describes some of the styles at Bacchanal, explaining there will be:

  • Mexican – featuring freshly made enchiladas, tortillas and sopapillas
  • Italian – Pastas, baked lasagna, antipasto display
  • Chinese – Made-to-order assorted soups, wok-fried dishes and dim sum
  • Japanese – Fresh sushi, sashimi, cooked fish
  • American – BBQ house-smoked meats from a wood-burning smoker and wood-burning grill; numerous carving stations including prime rib, brisket, rotisserie chicken and more
  • Seafood – Fresh East and West Coast oysters, king crab, snow crab, stone crab, mussels and prawns
  • Pizza – Varieties of pizzas served fresh from a wood-burning oven
  • Deli – Soups, cheeses, 7 charcuterie selections including house specialties and individual, prepared and make-your-own salads
  • Dessert – Chocolate, vanilla and pistachio souffles baked to order, selection of gelato, sorbets and creme brulee
  • Each will have an action station, plated dishes and “minis”
  • Majority of cooking will be executed in front of guests by interactive chef

Below is a promo video ahead of Bacchanal’s opening — does this look like a Vegas buffet game changer?