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Stray Hero Dog Who Stood By Injured Friend Gains A Family

A stray cross-breed Labrador Retriever hero dog, who guarded his injured friend for four days — even bringing her food — finally lost his friend, but has gained a new home and family.

The story was posted on the Facebook page of the SPCA Durban in South Africa after the stray hero dog was found to have been tending his injured friend for four days at the Shallcross Station in Chatsworth, Durban.

Reportedly, the female stray dog had been hit by a train and was severely injured, but the hero dog stayed by her side, bringing her food and doing everything he could to care for his fellow canine.

Regrettably, his female friend had to be euthanized, as her spinal injuries were too severe, but the tale of the hero dog warmed many a heart in the area.

A post on the SPCA Facebook page on April 7 explained that on March 18, Inspector Moloi responded to a call regarding two stray dogs hit by a train at the Shallcross Station. When he arrived at the station, he found that only one of the dogs had been injured, and was apparently being cared for by the second dog.

Security officers who worked in the area explained they had seen the hero dog searching for food and bringing it back to his injured friend. When Moloi carried the injured dog to safety, the hero dog stayed close by, watching over her.

They explained that the injured female dog had a severe spinal injury and that she had to be humanely euthanized to prevent further suffering. However, they had taken in the hero dog who had cared for her and were actively looking for a new home for the heroic canine, who by now had been dubbed, appropriately, with the name Hero.

While he was not injured at the train station, in a post on the SPCA Durban website, they did note that Hero was suffering from kennel cough, but that he would soon be better and seeking a loving new home.

They described him on the Facebook page, saying, “Hero is such an amazing dog! He is incredibly loving and desperate for affection. He simply adores belly rubs and begs for more whenever you stop! He is a little timid, but won’t let that get in the way of making new friends!”

According to the Independent Online, hundreds of requests poured in from people wishing to adopt the hero dog, and one lucky family finally got to take him home.

Shiri Connor, pictured in the above tweet, reportedly saw the Facebook post and was so impressed by the “valiant dedication of Hero,” she made it her mission to both visit the hero dog and to take him home.

“I told my three children on the way to school that I had to meet the dog as his story really touched me. His story was sad and beautiful at the same time. It was such a special moment. He was all I ever imagined him to be and Hero will be a great addition to our family.”

While it is sad indeed that Hero lost such a close and important canine friend, he was lucky to find a new loving home and family.

As reported on the Inquisitr, another heroic dog recently got recognition after the Marine Corps awarded a brave German Shepherd a medal for her deeds during the war in Afghanistan. The brave dog lost a leg during an explosion in 2012 while sniffing out bombs.

[Photo via SPCA Durban/Facebook]