Orthodox Jews now offering blurry glasses to fight temptation

Orthodox Jewish Men’s Glasses Blur, Obscure, And Shun The Fairer Sex

Lets face it, women are beautiful. But you’re an Orthodox Jewish male, trying like heck to avoid temptation. The latest in prescription eye-wear just might help: Orthodox Jewish men who shun contact with the fairer sex have taken to wearing glasses that blur women from their line of sight.

In an effort to maintain their strict and devout lifestyle, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community separate the sexes in nearly all walks of life: on buses, sidewalks, parks, and other publicly shared spaces. Now, Orthodox Jewish men are wearing glasses that blur Israeli women they deem “immodestly dressed” out of their sight, putting more than an arm between conviction and temptation.

For clarity’s sake, the ultra-Orthodox interpret Jewish law as forbidding all contact between men and women who are unmarried, according to Newser.

The ultra-Orthodox community’s unofficial “modesty patrols” are promoting and selling the glasses that simply sport special blur-stickers on the lenses. The glasses therefore provide their wearers with clear vision up to a few meters so that they don’t interfere with movement and clarity within several feet. Anything beyond an Orthodox Jew’s “personal bubble” is blurry, including attractive females standing a few feet away.

Though it isn’t yet known how these glasses are taking off or how many units have been sold, they’re being offered at a very modest and affordable price, according to the Associated Press. Protection from temptation costs $6 for the devout Orthodox Jewish male. If that’s not enough, the “modesty patrols” also offer hoods and peripheral vision shields to aid in the fight against temptation.

What do you think? Are Orthodox Jewish males going a little overboard here or are the blur glasses an effective tool? Sound off below!