Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter Opens Up About Surviving Attempted Police Assault

Charisma Carpenter, most famous for trading insults with Buffy on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and kicking butt with Angel on his spin off show of the same title, is now opening up about surviving an attempted assault by a police officer.

Carpenter whose next gig entails hosting I Survived Evil, which will be airing on the Investigation Discovery Channel, is taking this new gig to open up about an event that has haunted her for her entire adult life.

At 42, Charisma has decided to open up about an incident that happened in 1991, when she was only 21. Carpenter and two of her friends decided to go swimming at Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego when they were suddenly violently attacked by a police officer. The officer was a then 29-year old man named Henry Hubbard Jr.

During the incident Henry Hubbard Jr. with a gun in his possession, told Carpenter to rope up her male friends, and, when Carpenter refused to do so, it bought time for her friends to jump the police officer, which ultimately lead to his arrest. The young men that captured the officer walked away with injuries, although none of them were gun inflicted.

Charisma Carpenter thought quickly during the incident and grabbed the police man’s flashlight that Hubbard used during the attack in hopes the weapon of choice would help convict him. The charges he was brought up on earned the police officer a 56-year prison sentence. In the published report in 1992, Charisma Carpenter’s name was withheld from the publication at the time.

Perhaps a reunion between Carpenter and her attacker is on the horizon. For her new show I Survived Evil, Charisma says she’s not opposed to speaking with him.

“I’m interested in a sit-down, to ask him myself questions [I have],” she says. “Whether or not Hubbard will let me [I don’t know], but my producers are interested, though they’re treating it very delicately. I think they’re worried about me, but really, I’m OK with it.”

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