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Kobe Bryant Allegedly Having Affair With Olympic Swimmer

Kobe Bryant and Stephanie Rice called out for romance

Kobe Bryant may be cheating on his wife again, if Australian Olympians Liz Cambage and Craig Stevens are to be believed. This time, it may be with three-time gold medalist Stephanie Rice.

Swimmer Stevens told Triple M,

“There’s definitely something going on… I was on the last Olympic team and he was hanging us a fair bit at the different parties and whatnot.”

When Mark Geyer asked if Stevens thought Bryant had had an affair with Rice four years ago, Stevens said,

“I remember her telling the story [of] how he put it to her… that he had the family coming the next day but he had that night free.”

Cambage also implied that Bryant was cheating on his wife, but she didn’t specifically call out Rice. The 20-year-old basketball player tweeted,

“I love how Kobe has his wife with him at the Olympics, yet still surrounded by groupies!!!”


“some women need to get a grip, ASAP!”

Cambage also said that she was “going to stop wearing Kobe’s after this” but later tweeted, “LOL media makes me laugh, I never named anyone?”

So far, Stephanie Rice hasn’t commented on the allegations.

If the rumors are true, this wouldn’t be the first time that Bryant has been unfaithful. In 2011, it was reported that Bryant was cheating on his wife Vanessa with former Playboy playmate Jessica Burciaga. Burciaga blasted the media for saying that she was having an affair with Bryant, and said that she had never even met him.

Bryant also admitted before that he had cheated on his wife, and Vanessa Bryant accused him of cheating with 105 women over the course of their 10 and a half year marriage. Bryant was also charged with sexual assault of a 19-year-old hotel clerk in 2003, but his wife didn’t file for divorce until last year, before calling it off in June of this year.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant were supposedly working on a full reconciliation, but if these new rumors are true, she might end up signing the papers after all.

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21 Responses to “Kobe Bryant Allegedly Having Affair With Olympic Swimmer”

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  5. Anonymous

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