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Rachel Forgives Chick-Fil-A Bully Adam Smith [Video]

Rachel Chick-fil-A worker

Tucson, AZ – Rachel, the poised and calm Chick-Fil-A drive-thru worker who was abused by the so-called Chick-Fil-A bully Adam Smith, has forgiven the man for his tirade that went viral on YouTube. Smith followed up by filming an apology video. Adam Smith wound up getting fired from his job with a local medical device manufacturer, however, as a result of his rude behavior at the drive-thru window.

In an interview with the Fox News Channel, Rachel (who prefers not to release her last name) described her feelings about the incident in which she never lost her composure:

“I do forgive Adam Smith. I think he realizes how bad of a decision it was to make that tape. And I feel really sorry for him and his family and everything that has happened to him since Wednesday …”

“I was glad that he came forward and made a statement because what happened was — when he came to the drive-thru — wasn’t so much about Chick-fil-A but about how one human being should treat another and being in the hospitality industry you deal with difficult customers on a daily basis. And he’s definitely not the first I’ve encountered, but the first that chose to video tape the interaction.”

Rachel added, “I really hope that America will forgive you and treat you with the respect that I chose to treat you with that day.”

Chick-Fil-A’s Rachel also said that she is willing to meet with Smith in person now after rebuffing his initial attempt to apologize in person. “I’d really like to know if he could separate the issue from me and the company,” she said. “The workers have nothing to do with the political beliefs with people in the corporation. I don’t want to be part of that puzzle.”

Despite the national publicity, Rachel describes herself as just a service worker doing her job. Watch Rachel’s first nationally televised interview on Fox about her encounter with Adam Smith:

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  1. DREGstudios! Art & Design

    If companies are people and people vote with dollars then the destination of the restaurant’s donations are open for public debate. It very well should be an issue as to where peoples’ hard-earned money goes after the chicken goes down their gullet. This issue has made our little feathered friend the modern martyr as Chick-fil-A laughs all the way to the bank. Watch the poultry be nailed to the cross and pierced by the spear of destiny at the hands of those devious cows on my artist’s blog at

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