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Amish Boom: Old-Fashioned Faith Now One Of The Fastest-Growing Religious Groups

Amish Boom: Old-Fashioned Faith Now One Of Fastest-Growing Religous Groups

An Amish boom is taking place nationwide, with the religious group growing so quickly that new communities are emerging every three and a half weeks.

The rapid growth of the Anabaptist religious group has now made the Amish one of the fastest-growing religious groups in North America, a census conducted by the Ohio State University found. Nearly 250,000 Amish live in the United States and Canada, but that number is expected to surpass 1 million by about 2050, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

Though people who live outside the Amish belt of the Northeast and Midwest might not see the Amish boom, the rural settlements are expanding rapidly nonetheless.

“This place has grown,” Daniel Miller, who has spent his life on a Middlefield Amish settlement, told the Plain Dealer. “It’s because all of the kids.”

The Amish boom is in large part because of the strength of families in these communities, Miller said. Families have multiple children and those children usually stay in the community and start families of their own. Middlefield alone has 99 church districts, Miller said, adding that he remembers not long ago when there were just 20.

At the rate the Amish produce children and new families, the Amish boom is likely to continue into the future, said Joseph Donnermeyer, the Ohio State professor who led the census project. He noted that the Amish double their population every 22 years.

Ohio is now home to the most Amish in the nation with 60,000. Pennsylvania is close behind with 59,000, while Indiana has 45,000.

The Amish boom has help from the smart economics of these communities, Donnermeyer said.

“They are often purchasing land at good market prices,” he said. “They are buying land that no one else wanted to buy. Generally speaking, the Amish are a good economic value for the rural communities. They have business startups and they are more likely to buy local.”

The Amish are also less likely to draw on public support, with a very low unemployment rate and a stance against taking welfare. Despite misconceptions to the contrary, the Amish do pay taxes, Donnermeyer added.

The Amish boom has also caused the religious communities to begin spilling outside their traditional boundaries. In many places in Ohio, horse-drawn buggies can now be seen parked outside the local Walmart, for example.

This intermingling of communities is likely to continue as the Amish boom grows, the Columbus Dispatch reported. As these communities grow, they also become more diverse and spread farther from the traditional areas. The number of Amish settlements alone shows the trend — there were just 179 in the entire country in 1990, but the Amish boom has pushed that number to 456.

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24 Responses to “Amish Boom: Old-Fashioned Faith Now One Of The Fastest-Growing Religious Groups”

  1. Anonymous

    The Amish are like the Mormons. They belong to a Cult , not a Religion.

  2. Anonymous

    Especially a God that we have enough respect to start off His name with a Capital.

  3. Sherry Sutton Crocker

    The Amish is not like Mormons nor a Cult It is the way they live and believe in the
    bible. They can leave whenever they want. I have gone shopping in their stores and ate at one of there restuants, Great Food. Last time I was in Michigan I did chat with some of the children (it has date night) They was all great kids and very nice to others. Never do they want to talk back and start trouble. Maybe YOU should read about the Amish life or Watch the movie Amish Grace when a man shot 11 little girls in the school house. Then maybe your eyes will re-open,

  4. Sophia Belita

    i highly doubt an all powerful being concerns itself with the size and shape of a letter. you could call it snibblesnabble and if your HEART is humble thats all that matters. people who tell other people how to be faithful..i dont think god/God/GOD likes that…

  5. Debra Gould-Neofotistos

    The Amish are a group of people who are dedicated to their religion and work very hard. They value family , have high morals, and live a simple life. They are not a cult. They believe in God and live life as such.

  6. Lyle Zerla

    Mormons are a Cult? I'm not a Mormon but if you were as family oriented this country would be much better off.

  7. Anonymous

    This is totally cool! I think many in America are very tired of there materialistic, tech driven, over complicated lives. I think the Amish have the right idea! (…and they DON"T outsource there jobs to China!)

  8. JerrodnAndrea Mccullough

    we have amish friends here in ND who have left at 16. and they say that each family/community is different in their beliefs.. they contradict themselves. in many ways.

  9. Anonymous

    I don't think it will last long. When those new worshipers begin to do without their cell phones and technology, well, you know what I mean.

  10. Marie Johns Sawyer

    Maybe, we in this country, should take note of these Amish people. They are resourceful, quietly going about their daily lives without welfare or government hand-outs. We could learn a lot from them.

  11. Kathryn Phipps Jacoby

    Anyone who grew up around Amish know that they are far from being a cult! Unlike the traditional individual, their focus is on God, family, and community. In otherwords, not themselves! They have no concern for clothes, music, or jewels. Honestly, I truly wish I was more like them!

  12. Sharron Fredlund

    I have met some Amish on my many travels thru life. Their is not a one that I wouldn't trust, with my family, my home, our finances, and most of all, our great love of Christ Jesus. i wish I had been raised as an Amish person. Amen to all of you.

  13. Sharron Fredlund

    I have met some Amish on my many travels thru life. Their is not a one that I wouldn't trust, with my family, my home, our finances, and most of all, our great love of Christ Jesus. i wish I had been raised as an Amish person. Amen to all of you.

  14. Johnny Mars

    I'd rather live among these simple, decent people than live in the cesspool America is becoming. Turn on the TV and what do you get? zionist-controlled ass media shows like Kartrashians, Housewives of xxx, Jersey Shore (scumbags from Brooklyn), Jackass, and Wolf Shitzer from CNN. Reality bites.

    Turn off your TV's, folks. It's a vast wasteland.

  15. Johnny Mars

    You got that right, Amara. They all have a magical, mystical demigod that must be worshipped like the natives did to King Kong. Where was god when Bush was killing a million muslims, or when the priests were molesting little altar boys? Religion is the cause of many of the world's problems.

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