Johnny Manziel Rumors: In Danger Of Falling Out Of The NFL Entirely, Manziel Can't Stop Partying

Johnny Manziel Rumors: In Danger Of Falling Out Of The NFL Entirely, Manziel Still Can’t Stop Partying

Johnny Manziel is rumored to have his NFL career hanging in the balance, but as insiders worry about his future the controversial quarterback can’t seem to stop partying.

Manziel was cut loose by the Cleveland Browns this offseason after two disappointing seasons. Manziel struggled on the field, making little of the chances he had as a starter, and got into even more trouble off the field as he repeatedly got in trouble for his out of control drinking and partying. Even a months-long trip to rehab last offseason did little to put him back on track.

Now a free agent, Johnny Manziel is rumored to be on the cusp of falling out of the league entirely. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported that teams aren’t even looking into Manziel until he “some major life changes and makes real strides towards sobriety.”

Judging by his actions this week, that doesn’t seem like its coming anytime soon. CBS Sports reported that he was spotted partying several times in the past few days alone.

“Over the past five days, the Manziel party train has made stops in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Last weekend, Johnny Football took a photo with chef Mario Batali while hitting up a club in Vegas.

That’s not all Manziel did though — the former Browns quarterback also attended a Chris Brown concert at Drai’s Beach and Nightclub in Vegas. Manziel showed off his dance moves and his champagne bottle during the concert.”

There are still some in Johnny Manziel’s corner. Cleveland Browns quarterback Josh McCown was close to Manziel in their year together in Cleveland and said he hopes Manziel can turn himself around.

“It’s a player in your room and somebody that you spent the last year with,” McCown told “You root for them and you want them to have the best outcome possible. I’ve been released before and it’s never a good feeling, but hopefully he can take this time to really focus and think about what he wants out of this game and then move in that direction.”

But McCown also had some tough love for Johnny Manziel, saying that he needed to sharpen his focus on the game and stop worrying about partying.

“It’s just a matter of being able to embrace that 24/7,” said McCown. “That’s an area of growth for him that obviously needs to occur. I absolutely think he can play in this league, but at this position you’ve got to love it and you’ve got to evaluate everything in your life and say ‘what place does football have in my life?’ And if it’s up there at the top, then you’ve got to eliminate the things that would keep you from accomplishing the goals that you have. He’s got to look through that and go, ‘man, do I love this game and how much do I love it?’ That’s what I’m hopeful that he moves towards.”

But there could still be more trouble for Johnny Manziel ahead. He remains the subject of a domestic violence investigation, and he may face both criminal charges and a suspension from the NFL.

Before that can go into effect, Johnny Manziel would need to find a team willing to give him yet another chance. And rumors indicate that there are not any teams interested in giving him a look right now.

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