Is Selena Gomez 'Hooking Up' With Charlie Puth?

Is Selena Gomez ‘Hooking Up’ With Charlie Puth?

Amid rumors of a reconciled romance with Justin Bieber, Us Weekly is now alleging that Selena Gomez is actually “hooking up” with singer Charlie Puth.

A source revealed to the site earlier this week that Gomez and Puth are “not serious” when it comes to their alleged new-found romance but added that Selena is “super into” Charlie.

But while a source is telling Us Weekly that Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth are “hooking up,” a second source claimed to the site that Selena and the “Marvin Gaye” singer simply have a “flirty friendship,” which appears to better fit the relationship Gomez has previously claimed to have with the singer.

Selena previously denied that there was anything romantic between herself and Puth on Twitter back in September after she posted a photo of the two spending some quality time together.

“Before it begins, he is a good one. He is MY FRIEND only lol,” Gomez captioned the photo.

Charlie also took to Instagram to share a snap from their purely platonic get-together last year, where he gushed that Gomez was “the realest and most down to earth person I know,” before adding, “Good to know you [Selena Gomez] your album is going to be incredible!”

the realest and most down to earth person I know. good to know you @selenagomez your album is going to be incredible!

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Reports that Selena and Charlie have supposedly grown close come just weeks after Puth publicly slammed Gomez’s on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber during a recent concert in Dallas, Texas, on March 11.

Puth stunned fans when he exclaimed “F*** you, Justin Bieber” during a live performance of “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” his duet with Selena, although he later claimed in a series of now-deleted tweets that his Justin diss was nothing but an innocent “inside joke.”

Taking to social media to explain his remarks, Charlie tweeted, and then promptly deleted, that he was actually a “massive Justin Bieber fan” and “has nothing but great things to say about him and his music always.”

“I am very sorry if I offended anyone, and mostly to Justin,” Puth wrote on the social media site, noting that “his work is inspiring” and adding, “I would never intentionally or publicly bash him.”

Although Puth didn’t explicitly reveal what inspired his Bieber outburst, Hollywood Life claimed at the time that his close relationship with Selena Gomez is actually what caused him to call out the pop star during his Texas show.

Noting that “We Don’t Talk Anymore” wasn’t originally about Selena’s rocky relationship with the “What Do You Mean?” singer, Hollywood Life’s insider claimed that the former couple’s breakup has now become his inspiration for the song.

“After [Charlie] he talked to her about appearing on the song and the stories she told him about Justin, it was something that seemed to fit perfectly,” the site’s Selena source claimed earlier this month, adding that Puth “has since seen that the song is basically all about everything” Gomez and Bieber went through.

“All the things that she told Charlie in the collaboration process about Justin really stuck, and Charlie is siding with Selena’s part of the story,” Hollywood Life’s insider continued. “The diss was going to be said eventually… He doesn’t like Justin and he certainly doesn’t like the games he played with Selena.”

The singer also previously admitted that he felt the song perfectly fit Selena Gomez and her past relationship with the “Sorry” singer in an interview with Metro.

“I think it fits so well for [Selena]… because everyone knows what she went through. I think everyone has had those relationships where you’re obsessed with that one person, but then you break it off peacefully, but it’s changed,” Charlie said. “You can’t talk to them like friends anymore. You can say you want to remain friends, but it’s easier said than done.”

Do you think there’s a romance brewing between Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth?

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