Ryan Seacrest Signs 3 Year American Idol Deal Worth $45 Million

Ryan Seacrest has just signed on to host American Idol for the next 3 years with a whopping $45 million salary.

It appears the recession hasn’t been as hard on the American Idol franchise as it has been on other parts of the entertainment industry.

According to People Magazine:

“Sought-after bachelor Ryan Seacrest has become an even bigger catch: The American Idol host has closed what is believed to be the biggest deal ever for a reality emcee and will triple his current salary, according to the Hollywood Reporter. His new paycheck: $45 million for three years.

In exchange, says the trade paper, Seacrest, 34, will work exclusively for CKX, parent of Idol producer 19 Entertainment. Best of all, the deal only covers broadcast-network work.

Separately, Seacrest will still maintain a cable agreement with Comcast and his gig as E! Entertainment’s main anchor. He’ll also continue to produce Keeping Up with the Kardashians for E! and a future Jamie Oliver reality series for ABC.”