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Bill Gates Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad

Bill Gates Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad

The first Microsoft ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld has been released, and features Bill Gates and a shoe store:

Like Gizmodo, I don’t get it. What’s a conversation over shoes got to do with Microsoft products? Too clever by half perhaps? what do you think?

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7 Responses to “Bill Gates Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad”

  1. george

    The ad is as clear and easy to understand as Vista. Case closed. Remember the Zune viral web ad featuring a flying one-eyed penis? (I am NOT joking) Like General Motors, Microsoft's national TV ads always seem counter productive.

  2. jaket

    i have a feeling that this is a primer for the os after vista…. not sure what its called but i have heard it is grossly over schedule

  3. truth in advertising

    I like how they managed to throw in some condescending footage about how poor Mexican immigrants are.

    In college I served Bill Gates & his wife (cheap) pizza a couple of times — got a $2 tip both times!

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