Pia Wurtzbach dating Dr Mike

Pia Wurtzbach, Dr. Mike Dating Confirmed? Miss Universe 2015 Denies ‘No Boyfriend’ Rule

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Dr. Mike, also known as the “hottest doctor on Instagram,” have reportedly started dating. On the beauty queen’s personal Facebook account, she was said to have changed her status to “in a relationship with Dr. Mikhail Varshavski.”

According to GMA News Online, Pia and Dr. Mike supposedly made their relationship official last Friday, March 11. The duo, however, has yet to confirm or deny these speculations.

During Pia Wurtzbach’s recent Q&A, with Miss USA Olivia Jordan, she was asked by a fan what about the “real score” between her and Dr. Mike.

To which Pia coyly answered, “Sa tamang panahon,” which roughly translates to “when the time is right.”

Pia Wurtzbach and Dr. Mike first met back in February when Miss Universe had dinner with a couple of friends in New York. On his Instagram page, Dr. Mike shared that Pia wanted to become a doctor. That is, until she realized that she was deathly afraid of the sight of blood.

“So she decided to win #MissUniverse instead #touché #welldone #stoneheartday,” he ended the caption.

A few weeks later, Dr. Mike and Pia Wurtzbach was spotted working out together. In a video posted by Beauty Pageant & Fashion Lifestyle Events last February 27, Pia was asked how she was feeling after her workout, to which she replied, “I need a doctor.” The clip later revealed that Dr. Mike was in the same gym as the Miss Universe 2015 winner.

Wurtzbach also shared a photo after their gym date on her Twitter page, which she captioned, “Zombies after boxing.”

Although Pia Wurtzbach and Dr. Mike have yet to confirm the status of their relationship, the latter has shared on Snapchat a photo of them seemingly lying in bed together. In the photo, Dr. Mike was acting goofy with his arms around Pia.

He captioned it, “She’s judging me.”

In an interview with Buzzfeed Philippines editor Matt Ortile, Pia Wurtzbach was grilled again about Dr. Mike. When the Miss Universe 2015 winner admitted that she was playing video games with someone the other night, Matt jokingly implied that it was no other than the sexiest doctor alive. The beauty queen, however, insisted that she will always put her career above her love life.

“If the guy really loves you, he will wait,” she explained.

In an interview on Umagang Kay Ganda back in January, Pia shared that there is no rule barring beauty queens from having a boyfriend during their reign.

“Yes, you’re allowed [to be in a relationship]. They don’t try to tell you to not have a boyfriend. Of course not. There’s no ‘boyfriend’ rule. As long as you’re focused with your duties, you know your responsibilities and you don’t let it disrupt you [it’s okay].”

When asked if someone has already expressed interest in her after winning Miss Universe, Wurtzbach admitted that she has not been asked out by anyone. The beauty queen jokingly said that she was actually surprised and confused by the lack of attention from men.

From the most beautiful day of my life. Seeing the most beautiful smiles ❤ I'll never forget it.

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Pia later pointed out that it will probably be difficult to maintain a relationship given her hectic schedule as Miss Universe.

Meanwhile, Pia Wurtzbach has reached two million followers on Instagram, making her the most-followed Miss Universe to date. On her new post, the beauty queen thanked her supporters for making this possible.

“March 15 2015 was the night I became Miss Universe Philippines 2015. Thank you so much for all your support! And thank you for another milestone in helping me hit 2m followers! The most followed Miss Universe ever! Really feeling like the #MostLovedBinibini and #MostLovedMissUniverse. I love you all.”

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