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Caitlyn Jenner Says She Hasn’t ‘Figured Out’ Donald Trump, But Isn’t Officially Backing Ted Cruz Either

Caitlyn Jenner has been slammed for her non-progressive LGBT views despite being transgender, but that doesn’t mean she’s endorsing Ted Cruz. According to E! Online, during a press junket for her reality show I Am Cait, the star said that she didn’t openly endorse Ted Cruz.

Recently, Jenner was criticized for saying that she wants to be a “trans ambassador” if Cruz is elected president but never actually said that she was endorsing him. That said, she does like him as a potential candidate.

“I never said that I endorsed Ted Cruz. I said I like him. He is a constitutionalist and I think we have to get our country back to something like that.”

She continued, “Out of all the candidates, I also feel that as far as the LGBT community, he would probably be the worst and need the most help… If that is the case, I would be at his front door. Have they contacted me? No—which I was kind of surprised.”

That said, Cruz has a long way to go to catch up to Republican front-runner Donald Trump, whose candid nature has captured the nation in a very divisive way. Caitlyn also shared her views on Donald Trump, and going by her conservative views, it’s not what one would immediately expect.

It was revealed during the junket that she’s decidedly mixed on Donald Trump but insists that he would be “good for women,” although she doesn’t explain how Trump would help women specifically. In the end, Jenner said that she hasn’t “figured out” Donald Trump when it comes to his many views, saying that she just doesn’t know how she feels one way or the other.

That said, the presidential hopeful has experienced a wave of backlash due to his negative remarks about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

When Kelly pointed out to Trump that he has “called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’, and ‘disgusting animals.” Trump responded by saying that he doesn’t “have the time for total political correctness” and went on toe call her a “bimbo.”

Then there was that other time where he blamed the female soldiers for being raped in the military.

As for Caitlyn Jenner, the fact that she’s a Republican shouldn’t be a great shock to anyone following Jenner’s transition as a woman. During her ABC interview with Diane Sawyer, she appeared as former Olympian Bruce Jenner in an exclusive “coming out” interview of sorts. After speculation about transitioning in-between genders, Jenner confirmed that she was slowly transitioning into a woman, which is something she has wanted for a very long time.

During the interview, Sawyer questioned Bruce about his political affiliation with the Republican party.

At the time, Jenner said, “Is that a bad thing? I believe in the Constitution.”

Although she seems weary about who she’s backing on the Republican end, Caitlyn let her opinion on Hillary Clinton shine through during an episode of I Am Cait. When one of her friends was outspoken about their support for Clinton, Jenner was adamant that she didn’t want to see the Democrat win.

“Oh my God I would never ever vote for Hillary. We are done. If Hillary becomes president the country is over.”

She continued, “What has she done in her life? What has she done? What has she done? She was horrible. Look at all of the things that are going on in the Middle East because of what she did. Look at Benghazi. She lied to us, she is a f***ing liar.”

What do you think of Caitlyn Jenner’s views?

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