Donnie Wahlberg loves The Bachelor

Donnie Wahlberg Is Addicted To ‘The Bachelor’, Find Out How Much He Loves It In Hilarious Confession

The finale of The Bachelor is here and Ben Higgins will be choosing his fiancé in front of millions of viewers. One particular fan has just admitted how horribly addicted he is and he is not afraid to tell the world. Blue Bloods star and New Kids on the Block member, Donnie Wahlberg, recently wrote one hilarious essay on his love for the reality dating show.

Wahlberg penned his feelings and posted them on the Chicago Sun-Times Splash on Monday. He started out by completely empathizing with those husbands and boyfriends that have had to put up with their women fawning over boy band dudes such as himself. He called it karma and a “turning of the tables.”

“Sweet revenge for the nice-guy hubbies who had to put up with their wives talking about how hunky Jordan was, cute Joey still is or how much of a ‘bad boy’ Donnie was, during his Public Enemy T-shirt-wearing rebellious phase. Payback, for all those men who spent their paychecks on surprise New Kids concert tickets for their spouses. The same guys who had to then shell out another $30 for a Jonathan T-shirt, or even more (than I care to mention) for a meet and greet photo op with the band.”

Boy band New Kids on the Block. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)
Boy band New Kids on the Block. (Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)

The 46-year-old actor/singer then goes on to compare these guys’ dilemma to his own addiction to The Bachelor. Donnie says that he knows pretty much everything there is to know about the men and women who compete to be given the final rose on the ABC show.

The blame goes to his wife, actress Jenny McCarthy, on getting him hooked and now becoming a huge part of Bachelor nation. She loves to tease Donnie by posting photos on Twitter of her husband tearing up over the show. He gets teased but he doesn’t seem to mind because as he says, “I was in a boy band. I can take a joke.”

Donnie Wahlberg and wife Jenny McCarthy love The Bachelor, (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Donnie Wahlberg and wife Jenny McCarthy love The Bachelor, (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Not only did he confess his love for all things related to The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but it goes way beyond that as well. He did even more confessing.

“I also watch Bachelor in Paradise, have water-cooler discussions at work about which girl didn’t get a rose, make public predictions about which girl will be ‘the next Bachelorette’ on social media, watch After the Final Rose and anxiously await the season finale of The Bachelor — as if it were the Super Bowl with my hometown Patriots playing.”

If you didn’t already know this, he also admitted that he is a crier and has been since he was quite young. He has cried over Old Yeller, when Carrie Underwood won American Idol, and when the American Indian shed a single tear in that commercial about littering (Remember that?). This is how bad it is for him.

“I cried, and still cry, watching the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special, with the abominable snowman. I always feel for Hermie the Elf who wants to be a dentist, and all those screwed-up gifts on the Island of Misfit Toys.”

This explains exactly why he is seen sobbing his eyes out on social media, thanks to his awesome wife who knows that her husband won’t mind too much. As posted on Boston, Donnie also admitted that he misses Caila Quinn, whom Ben Higgins said goodbye to a couple weeks ago on The Bachelor. It is now down to JoJo and Lauren who will get the final rose from Ben.

As for Donnie Wahlberg, he is rooting for JoJo to be the final pick on Monday night. It will be fun to see any pictures that may come through on Twitter showing all of his emotions during the season finale of The Bachelor.

Everyone on social media may be laughing at him, but he doesn’t really care because he loves this addiction just like the rest of the world. One thing is for sure, this essay brings so much laughter along with it. Most of Bachelor nation can certainly relate to Donnie Wahlberg. Other male fans may just come out of the closet after reading his humorous post.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]