Aaron Carter Doubles Down On His Support For Donald Trump, As Long As Trump Changes His Policies

Former child star Aaron Carter surprised the world last month when he went off on a Twitter rant about how he supports Republican front runner Donald Trump. Despite the huge amount of backlash Aaron Carter received from fans and followers on Twitter, he only dug his heels deeper in his support when he was interviewed byGQ magazine this month.

Aaron Carter admitted that his initial tweet was shocking, saying it was “more than just a tweet” and implying that it was a full-on endorsement. Carter then freely re-confirmed his allegiance to Donald Trump, citing the candidate’s notorious tendency to do things his own way, regardless of what others tell him to do. But the singer also acknowledged that he doesn’t agree with every single thing Donald Trump has said.

“I support Donald Trump,” Aaron Carter said. “I don’t support every little thing. Trump goes his own way. He’s a leader, not a follower, and he’s proven that by humbling the other campaigns. I think in regards to him becoming president, well, the electoral college will be the decider.”


Aaron Carter was then asked to elaborate on the parts of Donald Trump’s proposed policy that he would not accept just because they came from Trump’s mouth. Carter listed the ban on gay marriage and the push to build a big wall to keep Mexican immigrants from crossing the border. Despite the fact that the immigration policy is notably one of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises, Aaron Carter called the idea “outrageous.”

At first, Carter didn’t provide a positive example of what aspects of Trump’s campaign he does support, or how they outweigh his disagreements on gay marriage and immigration. The pop star seemed to suggest that it was primarily Donald Trump’s strong will and attitude toward leadership that appealed to him. Aaron Carter also admitted that if Donald Trump doesn’t change his mind about certain policies, he may decide not to vote at all in the 2016 election.

“Well, I mean, there’s still time to see how it works out. And I haven’t even made my vote. If Trump can’t change some of his ways of thinking, then I’m just going to sit this one out.”

Expecting Donald Trump to change two of his biggest political stances before election day is a big “if” for someone to declare support for a candidate, but Aaron Carter also admitted that he normally doesn’t get involved in politics. His recent interest in Donald Trump’s campaign reportedly came as a result of the singer having to file for bankruptcy. Carter seemed to suggest that taxes played a major role in his financial troubles, because he claims to strongly approve of Trump’s plan to substantially cut taxes.

“I like what he’s doing for taxes for the people,” Aaron Carter said. “And I like what he’s focused on. Like, let’s worry about our deficit right now. And about our country. And about how we can actually make it great again. He’s proving that sometimes you have to file for bankruptcy and rebuild. I can relate. I’ve been through it.”


According to the official Donald Trump website, the candidate’s economic plan goes a bit further than simply lowering taxes for the middle class. He also plans to simplify the tax code, reduce loopholes, “grow the American economy” and, as Aaron Carter pointed out, focus hard on reducing the deficit.

Do you think Aaron Carter has good reason to support Donald Trump?

While many criticized the singer for it, he made it very clear, “I don’t regret any tweets.”

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[Aaron Carter photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez, Donald Trump photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images]