Justin Bieber Got A New Nose Piercing

Justin Bieber Unveils New Nose Piercing And You’ll Never Guess Where He Had It Done

Justin Bieber appears to have gotten his nose pierced. The 22-year-old’s new nose ring continues the pop icon’s eclectic style evolution, but we don’t think many will guess where he had it done.

On Friday morning, the young superstar Instagrammed a now-since deleted (and non-captioned) black-and-white selfie from bed, showing him rocking a small, sparkly nose stud.

While it’s probably hard for most not to simply focus on the Biebs’ attractive shirtlessness, the piercing looked to be on the right side of the Canadian’s nose in his first deleted selfie. The singer’s platinum locks were delightfully messy, as any self-respecting bed selfie should be.

Take a look below.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has a new nose piercing (Photo via Instagram)

For reasons best known to himself, Justin took down that first pic shortly after posting it. The “Sorry” superstar replaced it with another non-captioned black-and-white Instagram snap, in which he’s still in bed but lying down.

His nose piercing isn’t as visible, but it’s there. The shot drew more than 1 million likes within four hours, although the many comments on the post express mixed reactions to the Biebs’ new latest body modification.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber in new nose piercing picture reveal No. 2 (Photo via Instagram)

So, is the piercing real? According to one individual in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada, it is. The Biebs is currently there to play his second Purpose World Tour show at the Rogers Arena tonight, after opening the tour in Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday.

Justin was apparently out in the city Thursday night and had the piercing done while he was at a restaurant. So says Vancouver-resident, Emma Ruthnum. She tweeted the following message last night.

“Justin Bieber got his nose pierced at the restaurant I was at tonight,” she wrote, but didn’t specify the name or exact location of the restaurant.

Since sharing her alleged Bieber-reveal, Ruthnum has tweeted that she has been inundated with inquiries from Beliebers. More than likely, media outlets will also soon be in touch, if they haven’t beaten an online path to her door already.

Ruthnum assured fans that Bieber’s piercing was professionally done in a tweet she shared earlier on Friday.

“@mackgord @SmoochMeLove @bieberdexter Mack! Hello! They brought in a professional with kit. V sanitary,” she replied to fans.

Based on an Instagram post which surfaced earlier today, Bieber and a group of pals visited the trendy eatery West Oak and Pierre’s Champagne Lounge in Vancouver last night.

Another Twitter user claims the Biebs had the piercing done at Pierre’s Lounge. A professional piercer was apparently called to the establishment and the procedure allegedly took place at around 10 p.m.

Update: Confirmation that Bieber’s nose was pierced at Pierre’s Lounge arrived online a few hours after this report was published.

Meanwhile, critics have been raving about the pop prince’s new Purpose Tour. Photos and videos that popped up from the debut show revealed Bieber, his new band, and dancers storm through the majority of Justin’s acclaimed and wildly successful Purpose album. Oldies in the set were “As Long As You Love Me,” “Boyfriend,” and “Baby.”

Tonight, Vancouver will get its dose of Purpose Tour Bieber Fever — and that blingtastic new nose ring.

[Images via Instagram]