Conor McGregor’s ‘The Sound Of Silence’ Parody Is The Best Viral Video To Be Made In The Aftermath Of ‘UFC 196’

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, Nate Diaz pulled off the impossible upset when he defeated Conor McGregor at UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz. Not only did Diaz defeat “The Notorious,” but he did it showcasing why he is known as “The Stockton Bad Boy.” By the second round, McGregor was losing to Diaz as the latter took the former’s punches. Diaz throwing his hands up to goad McGregor to keep on hitting him even after combinations gave off the impression McGregor’s attacks had little-to-no effect on Diaz. Eventually, Diaz would showcase his boxing skills, causing McGregor to feint, followed by his Brazilian jiu-jitsu, causing McGregor to tap.

Despite his loss, Conor McGregor got away with no physical injuries. He even dodged the medical suspension too. However, McGregor’s ego was probably hurt more as all his showboating and trash talking are now coming back full circle to haunt him after his defeat, similar to what happened to Ronda Rousey when she lost to Holly Holm last year.

UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz
Conor McGregor suffered a loss at the hands of Nate Diaz at “UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz.” McGregor tapped out to a rear-naked choke in the second round. [Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images]

Some MMA fans, however, have taken the defeat to the next step, creating some of the most entertaining memes and parodies the internet has ever seen. Yet, the one that stands out is a video which is now titled Conor McGregor’s “The Sound of Silence” parody.

The parody combines two popular videos pertaining to Conor McGregor and edits them to the song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel. The first clip is from the UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz press conference when both contenders are answering questions being fielded to them by the media. One argument was centered on each contenders’ training coaches and partners. According to Sherdog, Nate Diaz attacked McGregor’s training by comparing it to his.

“Top ten fighters, top ten boxers, top ten jiu-jitsu guys, top 10 kickboxers. You’re playing touch-butt with that dork in the park with the pony tail. And I’m the one who don’t got no training partners? I don’t think so. You’ve got it all figured out when you’re fighting midgets. You’ve got s**t.”

The second video of Conor McGregor training alongside Ido Portal during movement camp imposes itself over the first which has been slowed down at a point when it looks as if Conor McGregor is starring blankly at the camera. This is also when “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel starts to play.

The Conor McGregor “The Sound of Silence” parody video has been attached below for viewing. Please take caution this is a press conference with two of the most aggressive trash talkers in UFC, if not MMA. So there is profanity.

All in all, the video comes off as if Conor McGregor is contemplating the times he trained with Ido Portal during his movement camps and how they can be utilized to defeat Nate Diaz. Unfortunately, he is unable to find a true link, thus remaining silent. True, there are other interpretations, but this is the one most MMA fans are conjuring up in theory. Still, the video is starting to trend towards viral, as reported by ENT Imports.

MMA fans are getting their fill of comedy watching this Conor McGregor “The Sound of Silence” video. Ultimately, McGregor is still the UFC Featherweight Champion and he is still considered one of the best. With his recent loss against Nate Diaz, however, it is believed Conor McGregor will stay in his division for the time being.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]