Jennifer Nicole Lee almost loses bikini in Miami

Jennifer Nicole Lee Loses Bikini In Miami

Jennifer Nicole Lee was quick to cover her assets when her bikini fell off during a dip in the ocean on Friday. The 37-year-old fitness guru is known for her ample curves, toned figure, and love of tiny bikinis — and apparently allowing them to fall off.

The Daily Mail reports that, lucky for her, the quick-thinking Lee was able to cover her breasts with her hands before she exposed too much. She was able to readjust her top to make sure she didn’t expose herself more.

Unfortunately for her, Jennifer Nicole Lee soon found that the neon yellow strings of her barely there suit were coming loose. She was able to quickly tie those up before continuing her day relaxing in the sun.

The fitness guru first became famous after she shed a whopping 70lbs after she gave birth to her second child, overhauling her life and becoming a fitness guru. Jennifer once stated that:

“My journey started when I became a mom. I was sitting on my couch with my babies around me, a pizza and doughnuts, and it just hit me like a wall: I was not happy this way.”

Jennifer Nicole has since published several books, workout DVDs, launched her own swimwear line, and created a fitness program called JNL Fusion.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Almost Loses Bikini