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Ukraine bans porn…except for medical purposes


The Ukraine Government has banned pornography…except where the porn is prescribed for medical purposes.

Under the law, possession of any pornography (not just hardcore porn) is a criminal offense attracting a fine of roughly $110, or up to 3 years in prison. The production of porn was already illegal in the country.

According to The Register, the problem with the law (like most censorship efforts) comes down to defining what counts as porn. The definition (as translated) reads “”Pornography is vulgar, candid, cynical, obscene depiction of sexual acts, pursuing no other goal, the explicit demonstration of genitals, unethical elements of the sexual act, sexual perversions, realistic sketches that do not meet moral criteria and offend honor and dignity of the human by inciting low instincts.”

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7 Responses to “Ukraine bans porn…except for medical purposes”

  1. thewendyjx

    how do you get a rx for porn and for what condition?

  2. Paul

    Hey, just like marijuana….

    Just because to make it Illegal, does not mean it will go away.

    It will just be ran underground.

    Imagine all the men that will be arrested for whacking it, LOL
    and then try to get out of jail by saying they have a
    Medicinal Masterbating card…lol

    There is no way in hell they are serious about this?

  3. Chad Lumenarcus

    Those poor Ukrainians.
    So is masturbation or sex still allowed or do you have to get permission?

  4. Keith Thompson

    It sounds as if they can have sex, they just legally have to keep their eyes closed the entire time, or the memory could be classified as pornography and subject to forcible removal.

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