Emancipation Proclamation: Donald Trump Supporters Say It Was A Bad Idea

Emancipation Proclamation: Donald Trump Supporters Say It Was A Bad Idea

Supporters of Donald Trump say that the Emancipation Proclamation, which was an executive order by Abraham Lincoln that freed the slaves, was a bad idea.

In a recent article in the New York Times, new data shows that when polled, 20 percent of Donald Trump’s supporters believed that the Emancipation Proclamation was a bad idea. It is unclear at this time if they believe that black Americans should still be indentured servants, given the data was recently compiled following the South Carolina primary in exit polling.

That disturbing trend with Donald Trump supporters seemed to reverberate throughout his base, with other questions that were asked with similarly shocking results.

Voters should keep in mind that Donald Trump himself has not gone on record as being in favor of indentured servitude of any Americans, but he has been on the record making controversial comments that seem to point toward a degree of discrimination that most Americans would find intolerable in today’s society.

Many Americans consider Abraham Lincoln to be perhaps the greatest President that ever lived. His accomplishments while in office have been a resounding victory heard throughout the world. His Presidency has long been considered the start of a revolution for human rights, and it would be a fair assessment to say that he has had a strong influence on the United States and the world, as it exists today.

His many accomplishments included winning the Civil War and preserving the Union, as well as issuing the executive order known as the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all slaves from captivity in the seceded Confederate States.

For those who support Donald Trump in his bid for the Republican nomination of President, they seem to be either misguided by his message or more heavily influenced by what he says.

Trump has made scathing statements in the press and on social media about women, Mexicans, foreigners, and Muslims. His rhetoric seems to be a classic case of discrimination based on gender, nationality, and religion, in no particular order. It also seems as though he is pandering to a specific base that shares those views with him. But in politics, not all politicians share the views that they claim, but rather claim them to establish a base of voters.

That same exit poll also revealed that over a third of the voters that showed up for Donald Trump also think that the Japanese internment camps during World War II were in fact a good idea. These were the camps that were set up following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

But to compare Trump supporters with others, only 10 percent from the John Kasich and Marco Rubio camps claimed to be in favor of the internment camps. The means that their supporters’ positive views on the subject were about 23 percent less than that of Trump’s supporters.

It may also come as no surprise to anyone that the same poll for Trump supporters revealed that 70 percent of them supported keeping the Confederate Flag flying at the statehouse.

What is even more disturbing is that 10 percent of Donald Trump’s supporters believe that the white race, or Caucasians, were the superior race.

Donald Trump ended up with 47 percent of the vote in South Carolina, which gave him a commanding victory over Rubio and Cruz. But it also seems to have been achieved by voters who have a negative view of black Americans and immigrants.

Given the new data and the results of the Emancipation Proclamation poll question, there seems to be an alarming trend happening within the Donald Trump base that is giving him an express lane to the nomination, and potentially the White House.

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