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Colorado Teacher Admits To Having Her Student’s Baby


Colorado Spanish teacher Rhonda Eisenberg, 44, was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a male student. An anonymous tip to the Greeley, Colorado police department landed the high school teacher in handcuffs and eventually behind bars. Rhonda Eisenberg’s police report states the teacher not only admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old male student while he lived in her home – but having the teenage student’s baby, according to excerpts republished by the Greeley Tribune.

Greeley Police Lt. Carl Alm told the local newspaper that several months prior to the student’s graduation from high school, Rhonda Eisenberg gave birth to a Hispanic baby.

“Her coworkers and family suspected she had a relationship with the victim, who was a minor in her care. The tip also stated the person was concerned because she continued to work with teenage boys,” Lt. Alm stated.

Eisenberg was the victim’s legal guardian when the sexual relationship occurred, his parents live in Mexico. The young man remained in the United States after the birth of the baby. The alleged student victim in the Rhonda Eisenberg case is now 19, but the Greeley Police Department is still withholding his name to protect his identity because he was a minor when the alleged sexual assault by his teacher occurred.

Rhonda Eisenberg taught Spanish at Northridge High School since 2000. Before moving to the high school, Eisenberg instructed foreign language classes at Heath Middle School from1991 to 2000.

The high school Spanish teacher was booked on two counts of sexual assault on a child; one count relating to a continued pattern of abuse and the other count pertaining to abuse of a position of trust. If convicted on charges of having sex with a student, Rhonda Eisenberg could face from four to 12 years in prison followed by a five year parole mandate. Eisenberg was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.

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121 Responses to “Colorado Teacher Admits To Having Her Student’s Baby”

  1. Xanh Lamza

    That boy is one of the luckiest people on the planet.

  2. George Smithson

    Damn, that was every school boy's dream right there… bangin the teacher…

  3. Roger Kaplan

    How does a white Jewess give birth to a Hispanic baby?

  4. Crystal Kristinek

    But its just so fun to watch the 15 and 16 yr old girls on TV have their babies and we just love their drama… hypocrites… one year older and it would have been no big deal. And what does race matter? "she had a Hispanic baby"… kinda happins if one or more of the people are Mexican… YES she should have not went there but he knew better too.

  5. Elizabeth Wiley MA JD

    People like Xanh below, do not realize the harm molesters such as this woman do to young men. For some reason we say "ohh, hooo, hooo" This young man was 17, but he was a ward in her home, and she was his teacher. If he was just a 17 year old and she was just a woman he met in a bar or club, it would not have been as damaging. Taking advantage of young people in a situation where they are reliant upon the adult is harmful. And she was surely old enough to use birth control, and /or a morning after pill.

  6. Ryan Sternfels

    Somebody better give that guy the Luckiest Kid in America Award…

  7. Rick Davis

    We are remaking other laws, it is time to revamp the sex with minors law. It is out dated in such a progressive country as the United States. Minors are much more savy and able to make choices now.

  8. Rick Davis

    We are remaking other laws, it is time to revamp the sex with minors law. It is out dated in such a progressive country as the United States. Minors are much more savy and able to make choices now.

  9. John Beau Groves

    Ms.Wiley, by the time I was thirteen I was trying to get in the pants of any girl I could. People need to get through their head that teenagers screw and enjoy it.

  10. Anonymous

    What's the legal age of consent in Colorado? Here it's 16.

  11. David LouSana

    She gave birth to a Hispanic baby? can it not be called just a baby? he was in her Spanish class learning more Spanish?

  12. Wes Hester

    He was 17 I'm sure he "resisted" most boys that age would jump on that as he did no pun intended. If not he wouldn't have let it continue.

  13. Mike Dirienzo

    although, if it was a male teacher and a sixteen yr old girl I would not approve. so I guess im a sexist like that.

  14. Berlin Seymore

    Ms. Wiley, although I respect your academic and other credentials. One thing for sure, you have never lived life as a 17 year old male and I doubt you have had the intimate conversations with 17 year old males that they share with other 17 year old males. Most guys, including myself, would have treasured such an opportunity while I'm sure, a few would end up damaged in some way.

  15. Judy Rae Jackson

    I wonder if this will turn out like the Mary Kay LeTournneau case? While she was in jail, her "boyfriend" had his mom raising the babies. After claiming he wasn't a victim, the little cretin tried to sue the school district for "not protecting" him. They finally got married when she got out of prison. IF this were a 17 year old girl & 44 year old male teacher having consensual sex, people would be STILL be calling for the teacher to be lynched. 17 year old girls are JUST as capable of making decisions about sex as 17 year old boys are & based on my experiences raising a boy, girls can be as aggressive as boys are.

  16. Judy Rae Jackson

    At 17, would you have wanted to father a child? Who ends up raising the kid if this woman goes to jail? The now 19 year old baby daddy? I doubt it. This baby deserves a LOT better than the two losers it got stuck with as parents.

  17. Joshua L. Andrews

    The Age of Consent in Colorado is 17. The main reason the teacher got in trouble is because of her position of Trust. And no matter what the rest of you think, what she did was wrong. Period. She knew it was wrong because as a teacher she would have taken a course in Education Law and those courses include provisions about Teacher/Student Sexual Relations. Also, Just because it would be ok with you, I am 100% sure that if it was a Male Teacher with a Female Student, all of you would be calling for the Teacher's Head, even if she gave consent. Talk about a double standard.

  18. Sandra Miller Allen

    Yep, hormonal teens are easy prey for any adult wishing a manipulative, inappropriate sexual relationship. Part of any abusive relationship is finding the "currency" to gain the power. Never okay to take advantage of any child.

  19. Caitlin Owen-shore

    How effin pathetic do you have to be to want to have sex and a relationship with teenaged boys? Lord I remember the boys that went to my high school! They were immature and demanding. I was so glad when I became the legal age and was finally able to date men.

    PS: To all of you morons who think this isn't rape just because he is a boy and she is a girl, or because he supposedly gave consent: Even if a guy feels physical pleasure he might still be suffering mentally. A grown woman (or man in the vice versa) is supposed to have gone through more and know better. It's about the mental difference between the two. It's called TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SOMEONE. I also notice that this article doesn't say if there was any manipulation on her part. However, taking into consideration that he had nowhere else to live, his family was in Mexico, I wonder what choice he had? He most likely felt pressured into the relationship with her because he had no where else to live. I'm sorry but to pull that on a teenager is rape in every sense.

  20. Thomas Reynolds

    Molester? Nope I had relations with a teacher in High School and it was I that went after her. It is different for boys than with girls. It is almost always us who are the ones making the advances.

  21. Anonymous

    Eisenberg was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the case. PAID LEAVE? PAID LEAVE? Why? because the UNION was protecting her? PAID LEAVE?

  22. Mia Hampton

    I'm her age and I'm sure there are plenty of teenage boys who would engage in sex with me. But, come on…why would I want that? There is something off kilter in that's woman's psyche to participate in that, regardless of how the kid felt about it. Even if it was legal, it's still kinda creepy and unethical. If she likes 'em young, why not just hook up with a hot 24 – 25 year old, at least they have a bit more control and you don't ruin lives.

  23. Brandon Wands

    That 17 year old better step and get a job and support that kid otherwise he should go to jail for failure to support a baby.

  24. Anonymous

    I could not be victimized because all my teachers were old and ugly…hehe.

  25. Louie Kiskowski

    Hispanic means Spanish-speaking, nothing really specific about ethnicity or race.. if that baby was born speaking Spanish it is a miracle of the first order.

  26. Karla Shay Smith

    My frustration with this is….he is 17 and has sex with a teacher he is a child victim. Now…if he were 17 got drunk rob a man and accidentlaly killed he is now an adult. The law has to pick a side in this

  27. Lokias Redcrow

    Funny that a half-Hispanic, half-Jewish kid is "Hispanic" in this case, but a half-Hispanic, Half-Jewish guy is "White" when they are trying to accuse him of shooting an "innocent black child."

  28. Mike Hodgerney

    I find it odd that schools have student day care centers for female students and no one bats an eye when a 13 or 14 year old girl gets pregnant by a 20+ year old male but when a teenage boy has sex with an older woman he is a victim. Would anybody care if she was a convenience store clerk or the drive thru person at the local burger joint? I think not. I'm not saying it's all kosher but let's be honest here, a double standard is a double standard.

  29. Michael Hiller

    you're all missing one thing. How many 17 year old boys today do you know who are still virgins? They start at 14 and 15 now. The 17 year old just got bragging rights at worst.

  30. Kris Wagner Braun

    If this was a 17 year old girl who was pregnant by her 44 year old teacher we would be outraged, but, since the younger person is a guy, we say he's just lucky. Many 17 year olds might want to have sex with just about anyone but its up to the adults to say no to inappropriate relationships.

  31. Lynn Counts

    I graduated in the 80's attended schools in different states. In one school two female teachers and one male married one of their students. In the other school two Male teachers married their student. In all cases they 'dated' before they were married. All students were under age (16-17) and one teacher married the student because she became pregnant. All these relationships were known by everyone parents, student body, teachers and administrators. As far as I know they all retired from teaching. No one was arrested, no one was fired. Why wasn't this as serious an offense back then as it is now?

  32. Matt Ryan

    she will get off easy since she is a woman. If a guy did it which would be more normal he would get 12 plus years.

  33. Matt Ryan

    she will get off easy since she is a woman. If a guy did it which would be more normal he would get 12 plus years.

  34. Ernie Hume

    Outdated morality issues aside. Common sense should dictate a child with a mother is better than one without. Fine her, make her take some classes, meds, psyche eval, whatever, but jail is not the answer here. Lowering the age of consent might be though.

  35. Anonymous

    Most adults know better even though we have been in compromising situation.

  36. Zia Paul

    Sandra Miller Allen 17 is the age of consent in some states. If he was 15 or younger, I would definitely agree. She is definitely in the wrong here, but I wouldn't label him as a victim solely on age. I would need to know the circumstances and how he truly felt.

  37. Zia Paul

    Despite all of this, this doesn't mean he didn't want to have sex with her or felt that he had to OR was manipulated. The morning after pill is useless if you are pregnant and birth control is not 100%.

  38. John Nicoletti

    At 17, most guys would love to screw their teacher, and not have any so called brain damage problems. The other question would be, Can we do it again.?

  39. Zia Paul

    Well, I find this completely different because he is not 12, but I completely agree on everything else.

  40. Zia Paul

    Well, there is a difference between what you think happened and how he ACTUALLY felt. What if he pursued her? What then? What if he wanted to have sex, no regrets about it, and doesn't suffer any emotional/mental issues?

  41. Anonymous

    A nasty, white bit*h. But what more does one expect from a race that fu*ks their dogs, children, sisters and brothers, and the elderly and disabled. YOU DISGUST ME WHIGGERS!

  42. Zia Paul

    I don't know where you are from, but I always hear people get upset about younger girls getting pregnant by older men.

  43. Zia Paul

    It's because he's 17. That's the age of consent in most states. I'm on the fence because this could go either way. But, even if it was a girl, I wouldn't claim she is a victim automatically. When I was 17 in high school, there were a few male teachers I wanted do the deed with, but I knew better than to actually act on it and I wouldn't have been a victim either.

  44. Mike Hodgerney

    It's the 24 year old guys getting 13 and 14 year old girls pregnant I have the problem with. That is stautory rape, consentual or not. A 24 year old girl getting pregnant by a 50 year old guy, I could care less, they are both of legal age. All I'm saying is that if no one seems to be too upset when teenage school girls have sex and get pregnant by older men then why are they so upset when a teenage boy has sex with an older woman and gets her pregnant?

  45. Zia Paul

    I get what you are saying, but what I am saying is that I have heard people get upset what you are talking about. I completely agree. I don't have a true issue in this case until I find out more. Clearly, she broke some rules, but he's 17, which is the age of consent.

  46. Zia Paul

    I get what you are saying, but what I am saying is that I have heard people get upset what you are talking about. I completely agree. I don't have a true issue in this case until I find out more. Clearly, she broke some rules, but he's 17, which is the age of consent.

  47. Sarah Truong

    I just feel sorry for the baby. Who's going to take care of it if the woman is in jail? I don't care if the young man is a stud or not, he should man up and care for his child.

  48. Anonymous

    The standard is different with a woman assaulting a male. Give her probation & turn her loose. Probably some event in her childhood that caused this behavior. What a continual JOKE it is!

  49. Stacey Lopez

    If he was 17 & he killed someone he'd be charged as an adult, but becuase it's just sex, now he's a boy! Funny that can be flipped.

  50. David Head Jr.

    I cant speak for anyone else, but I wish that happened to me while I was bak in school in 08. that would be soooo hott mann. straightup. I know for a fact that alot of you want the same things. sure I see the issue wit it but really lol. that teacher is banging id love to bring her in the closet and go 29 rouunds in every dirty way LOL. YOU GO TEACHER and STUDENT. teacher I live in pa hawley pa 18428 lets get down I'm 24 allll man come get some wen your out. straight up I'm not even joking. much love pce.

  51. Kathy Alexander

    They worry about Priests. If anyone touches my grand daughter when she reaches hish school I will show them a Lorainne Bobbet.

  52. Markland Telemaque

    @Mike, lol. i use to dream my teacher would take advantage of me. But never happened and as far as i know none of my friends ever got lucky that way either. Yep, lucky bastard is so right.

  53. Shelley Smith Spendley

    Having sex with a child entrusted to you = INCEST. Plain and simple. And yes, a minor is a child. She, very selfishly, took advantage of a minor, not even a young man yet. What a mess this woman created for all involved.

  54. Anonymous

    so she offers her suzie to a 17 year old boy and says here eat this and shes a molester………….. come on! I guess your a ugly chick that dosent get laid much so your going to ack like this was a big deal. you offer any age vagina at a 17 year old boy hes going to take it…… that's what we were put on this earth to do. I'm sure the boy fought kicking and screaming too trying to runn away called the cops help help me my teacher wants to hump me……….. I just got one question how the hell is this a law? ok two questions where the hell were teachers like that when I was in school. I would have payed alot more attention to them if I had a weiner in them…………. fuck you if you offended by this comment. there is bigger things in this world to worry about then a 17 year old boy being a 17 year old boy. we wast court and taxpayers money. on crap like this its plane and simple. " young man did you put your hot dog in her bun? his answer would most likley be yes. " did you do this on your own free will? " his answer is more then likley a yes…….. case closed no harm no foul the boy runs back to his family dad gives him a high five and a attaboy pat and we all go home! don't none of you mothers that have a 17 year old some act like you sone dosent do shit like that. hes getting mad poon hes just smart enought no to let you find out about it.

  55. Shelley Smith Spendley

    Not funny. She's ruined his life… not to mention her child's. What exactly is she going to tell that child about it's father? It's sad.

  56. Harold Bork

    It's about her being in a position of authority. If he and her only were friends, not a teacher-student or guardian-minor I'd say no problem with what happened. But she was in a position of authority and should be punished. Now to really throw oil on the fire here, how many posters would feel nothing should happen if the student was female and the teacher was male.

  57. Obi Ikeako

    As a tenured middle school and high school teacher I had my share of teen girls who would send me love letters (some very explicit) which I would promptly submit to school authorities. For those of you who condone the rape of this 17 year old boy by someone in a position of authority I hope you would have been equally amused had I impregnated your willing daugther.

  58. Cathy Castine

    What makes it wrong was he was in her care. Think of it as a mom that cares for her teenage son and have sex with him. She was his legal guardian, who happen to be a teacher. Now all you men on here think about that. If you was 17 and in foster care or you wanted to do it with your mom would you be a victim if she let you?

  59. Kyle Andrew Black

    I doubt this kid feels like a victim. I've always wanted to bone my high school teacher. What guy doesn't come on now.

  60. Mike Hultin

    Gotta always love the idiot logic posts that get thumbed up; no wonder our culture is circling the drain. Tools and losers living vicariously through children.

  61. Peanutbrittle Andeggs

    all he got was some ass he didn't get no money been there done that nothing new

  62. Peanutbrittle Andeggs

    Markland Telemaque what the hell so lucky about that anybody can get screwed

  63. Anonymous

    He probably doesn't feel like a victim. That is, of course, until the state makes him pay child support.

  64. Anonymous

    "" She had a Hispanic baby.."" Must have been one ugly baby!

  65. Steven Diaz

    No, try again, this time, after reading the definition of incest.

  66. Jack Haynes

    Jew had sex with an hispanic? That is something you don't see everyday.

  67. Anonymous

    leave this teacher and this boy alone please….

  68. Chapman Shakur

    When the sexes are reversed this is called rape…

  69. Cecil Haywood

    Do you really think that he thinks he was a victim? I think that he thinks that he was what he was , and that was a student. Remember , he did learn something. LOL.

  70. Anonymous

    What do you expect from a member of the "Public Fool" system?

  71. Anthon Christopher

    at what age does a boy becomes a man and where are your men to take care of the hetherosexual womens` desire,, you have a big problem in america which says the women out numbered the men by atleast 15 to 1, yet your men are often becoming homosexuals, yet you go portray the muslim society for being backward, etc ,, the problem here is what should your single women do,,, this is a case that sheds light on the ignorance of your chumped up laws. thus your christian laws has no solution to the growing problem either , one man to one woman,,,

  72. Marisol Nuckols-Llull

    People these days forgot how to use common sense. This woman shouldn't be messing with a boy who's still developing. Now he has to deal with a baby. He was probably having great sex with a mature woman and that's all he wanted not a baby. She is a selfish human being.

  73. Lokias Redcrow

    It's relevant to my interests in the matter: namely, media bias and agenda.

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