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Senior Citizen Samuel Williams Shoots Robber at Palms Internet Cafe in Florida [video]


Florida senior citizen Samuel Williams thwarted a robbery at the Palms Internet Cafe when he managed to quietly pull his concealed gun and shot the would-be robbers. Williams, who is being hailed as a hero by Internet cafe patrons for quickly taking action when the armed robbers rushed in wearing masks and smashing computer screens, according to The Blaze.

Williams was seated near the back of the cafe when Duwayne Henderson, 19, pointed a handgun at customers inside the Palms Internet Cafe. Davis Dawkins, also 19, is shown in cafe surveillance tapes swinging a bat, the Ocala News reports.

When Henderson turned his back, Samuel Williams pulled his .380-caliber semi-automatic handgun from his concealed holster, took several steps and then dropped to one knee and fired two shots at Henderson as he bolted for the door. Samuel Williams walked closer to the door of the Palms Internet Cafe and continued firing at Dawkins and Henderson. The two would-be robbers reportedly “fell over one another” trying to get away from the building.

Neither Henderson or Dawkins suffered life-threatening gunshot wounds and were later arrested by local law enforcement officers. The men were charged with attempted armed robber with a firearm and felony criminal mischief. Henderson is currently being housed at the Marion County Jail and Dawkins was released after posting bond.

“I think he is wonderful. If he wouldn’t have been there, there could have been some innocent people shot,” Palms Internet Cafe patron and shooting witness Mary Beach told the Ocala News.

Samuel Williams holds a Florida concealed carry permit and will not face any criminal charges for shooting the armed suspects at the Palms Internet Cafe, according statements made by Florida State Attorney’s Office representative Bill Gladson to the Ocala News.

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30 Responses to “Senior Citizen Samuel Williams Shoots Robber at Palms Internet Cafe in Florida [video]”

  1. Ray Conger

    "…When Henderson turned his back, Samuel Williams pulled his.380-caliber semi-automatic handgun from his concealed holster, took several steps and then dropped to one knee and fired two shots at Henderson as he bolted for the door." PLEASE BE CAREFUL HERE MR. REPORTER! Go back and watch the video beginning at 0:30. While Williams did draw his weapon "at the ready" while Henderson had turned his back, Williams did not appear here to fire until Henderson turned again and pointed his weapon in at least the general direction of Williams. From what had happened so far, Williams knew Henderson was threatening the other patrons seems to be justified to believe Henderson was threatening him when Henderson then turned the weapon toward him. Williams did NOT just start by popping off at the BACK of Henderson.

  2. Jason Gullick

    THAT is frickin' AWESOME! To bad they lived. I'm not a mean person but I don't like thieves.

  3. William Doyle

    I thought the same thing. Old white guy shoots two A&M rocket surgeons robbing the place in the back? my god!

  4. William Doyle

    Watching the video you'll see the reason FL state attorney isn't filing charges is b/c this was clean – the two had masks + firearms drawn. He shot at them , shot at them leaving the building. one was on the ground, outside, facing in, still with gun in hand = threat. Old dude didn't follow them outside, he ducked for cover = good guy saved the day. That and the state att office is too busy right now painting Zimmerman as a pedophile rapist racist to try and prosecute an old white guy for blasting two robbers. They don't want the media showing more and more cases of Stand Your Ground WORKING!.

  5. Anonymous

    Mr. Williams should be "sentenced" to 50 hours of target practice. Those perps shouldn't be breathing now!

  6. Elijah Elliott

    Oh no, they were wearing hoodies! Jesse Jackson! Al Sharpton! Come back to Florida again! These poor children were just coming to get some internet time after a baseball game and some target practice. If Obama had sons, they'd look just like them.

  7. Clayton Burton

    I watched that video yesterday and loved it. That guy didn't stop firing until they were out. Ill never underestimate elderly people again lol.

  8. Anthony Fierro

    I hope he trades that.380 auto in for something that makes your target static after the first shot.

  9. Ross Oliva

    Them thugs deserved what they got. They always think they can get away with their hooliganism. But not this time.

  10. Anonymous

    Hilarious until innocent bystanders get shot. Thank-God I don't live n Florida. Sad day when an Old Man has to carry a concealed weapon. We worry about them drving with Alzheimer and Dementia and now they are packing guns?

  11. Jason Moore

    The perps were threatening to shoot the innocent bystanders. Mr Williams quite obviously kept them from getting shot. And since he has a CHL permit, he's obviously been vetted by the State of Florida as fit to carry. So his age has no bearing on this situation. We need more people like Mr Williams carrying.

  12. Anonymous

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  13. Jeff Wro

    Why rob a Internet Cafe? Too bad he didn't shoot to kill. Idiots.

  14. Cliff Lyles

    Seriously! Did the thieves bring credit card readers?

  15. Nicholas Bretagna II

    }}}} "Hilarious until innocent bystanders get shot. Thank-God I don't live in Florida. "

    Wow. I'm glad you don't live in Florida, too, if you think that's a problem.

  16. Tim Gray

    if that old man accidently shot me id forgive him and then buy him dinner! youre an idiot seeyoutoo

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