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‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins Says He Loves 2 Women, Are Reality Steve’s Final Rose Spoilers Wrong?

Ben Higgins is looking for love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, and previews for the final episode have viewers freaking out all over the place. Reality Steve’s spoilers have revealed who is said to score Higgins’ final rose, but the network is toying with fans and making them think that a big shocker is on the way. Are Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers wrong?

Although he has a long track record of getting the final rose spoilers right for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Reality Steve’s critics are always quick to point out when he had it wrong. Steve got the ending wrong for Desiree Hartsock’s season, and he had to change the spoilers after his initial reports when it came to Ali Fedotowsky, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Brad Womack’s second season as well. However, his fans would point out that he’s gotten more endings right than wrong, and Steve says his Bachelor spoilers have nailed it for Season 20 as well.

ABC’s Bachelor spoiler previews have shown Ben Higgins talking about being in love with two different women, and at one point, he talks with host Chris Harrison about wanting to do something that would completely change things. Ben is also shown even making a phone call, where it is definitely inferred that he is ready to perhaps change his final choice. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that while he knows nothing of the phone call teased in the Bachelor previews and ultimately he is standing by his teasers regarding Higgins’ final rose.

Some viewers speculate that Ben might be calling his mom at that intense moment, and Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers address the same possibility. The spoiler guru says he is certain that the phone call does not shake anything up regarding Ben’s final rose or which lady he chooses.

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During filming, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers teased that Higgins fell hard for one bachelorette in particular and that nobody else really came close. However, the network is hyping Ben himself, saying that he is in love with two women and that he is having a very difficult time making his final choice. Long-time franchise fans know that the editing can be very choppy and manipulative at this point in the season, and those who avoid Bachelor spoilers and thus don’t know the supposed ending will surely be buzzing about Ben’s indecisiveness.

While these latest previews definitely stir up a lot of talk for these last episodes of Season 20, Reality Steve’s spoilers continue to detail that Ben Higgins’ final rose goes to the frontrunner he identified during filming. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Ben does not “pull a Mesnick,” meaning that Ben does not initially choose one bachelorette and come to change his mind.

Ben Higgins of 'The Bachelor'
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In fact, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers have consistently said that the final rose ceremony is fairly standard. Ben is said to meet with one gal, send her home, meet with the second, and offer her both a rose and an engagement ring. In addition, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the two are still together and seemingly doing well, although viewers will not get to see that for themselves until the finale and After the Final Rose special airs in March.

Next up is Episode 7 and Ben and his final six ladies will be headed to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. The Bachelor spoilers via TV Guide share that there will be four dates for Higgins and his ladies, and by the end of the episode, the four bachelorettes receiving hometown dates for Season 20 will be determined. The finale is right around the corner and viewers are definitely hooked on this season.

Do you believe that Reality Steve’s spoilers for Season 20 are right, or is there truly a shocking ending on the way? Does Ben Higgins’ final rose go to the lady many are expecting, or will the finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season turn everything upside down? It will not take much longer for the truth to be revealed, and viewers are anxious to see where things stand for Ben and his final lady now.

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