New Hampshire Primary Results Streaming Live Donald Trump

Get New Hampshire Primary Results Streaming Live: Can Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Dominate Voting?

The 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary election is finally here, and there are numerous ways to get streaming live coverage and results of the nation’s first actual voting online. In fact, concerned voters and political junkies don’t even have to leave this page — just stay with the live streams right here, below, to follow up-to-the minute coverage as, on the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton makes a last-ditch attempt to close the gap on Bernie Sanders.

Over in the Republican primary, Donald Trump appears to take an insurmountable polling lead into the actual balloting, leaving Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie to fight over second place.

And if second place seems like second best, it’s worth remembering that in 1992, a little-known but scandal-ridden governor of Arkansas named Bill Clinton was propelled to the Democratic nomination — and two terms as president — by a second-place finish in the New Hampshire primary.

New Hampshire Primary Results Streaming Live Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton campaigns in New Hampshire on Tuesday [Photo By Matt Rourke/Associated Press]
This year, Clinton’s wife — and former Secretary of State and New York Senator — Hillary Clinton is the clear frontrunner nationally for the Democratic nomination. But New Hampshire appears to be a notable exception, as insurgent, self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” candidate Bernie Sanders — a senator from New Hampshire’s next door neighbor state of Vermont — holds a commanding lead in the polls.

But Clinton has chipped away at Sanders’ polling lead in the days leading up to the debate, slashing what had been a 19.5 percentage point Sanders advantage as late as February 3, according to the Real Clear Politics poll averaging system, to 13.3 percent the day before polls open in the New Hampshire primary.

A respectable second-place showing may be enough for Clinton to claim that momentum with voters is on her side.

To find out how to watch live online coverage of the New Hampshire primary, see the streaming links at the bottom of this article. Or just stay right here on this page and watch coverage from the ABC News Go live stream in the video below.

An alternative live stream for New Hampshire primary results and coverage can be found in the following video.

And if neither of those alternatives is satisfactory, another live stream is available here, in this video, getting underway at 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time, 2:30 Pacific.

Polls in new Hampshire close at 7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific, and news networks and agencies such as the Associated Press will likely begin projecting results almost instantaneously.

Hard numbers from voting precincts around New Hampshire will come rolling in throughout the evening, and most political experts expect that a clear picture of how each candidate performed in the nation’s first 2016 presidential primary should be complete sometime before 11 p.m. Eastern Time, 8 p.m. Pacific.

New Hampshire Primary Results Streaming Live Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire on Primary Eve [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]
Traditionally, the tiny town of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, votes first — opening polls at midnight on primary day and closing them immediately as soon as all of the town’s nine registered voters have cast ballots.

Results from Dixville Notch came in early Tuesday morning, and they show Bernie Sanders pitching a shutout over Hillary Clinton, winning by four votes to zero.

On the Republican primary side, Dixville Notch gave Ohio Governor John Kasich the narrow edge over Donald Trump, by a three-votes-to-two tally.

The election-predicting site, which uses a sophisticated statistical formula to assign probabilities of victory to each candidate, has Sanders as a total lock to win the New Hampshire primary, rating his chance of victory at above 99 percent, to below one percent for Clinton.

Among Republicans, Donald Trump remains the clear leader, with a 69 percent probability of winning, according to FiveThirtyEight. Rubio has the next-best shot at 11 percent, followed by Kasich at 10 percent.

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To get live, constantly updated raw results from the New Hampshire primary without commentary or video, go to the Washington Post at this link, or Politico at this link.

For live online streaming New Hampshire primary coverage and results — without cable login credentials required — check out at this link, or ABC News Go by clicking on this link.

Live streaming feeds with commentary and immediate results from the cable news networks are also available online, though they require login credentials. Find the CNN feed at this link, MSNBC here at this link, and Fox News by clicking here. For viewers who prefer their live streaming New Hampshire primary results and coverage without the bells and whistles — and, some might say, bias — of the commercial cable news networks, C-SPAN will offer two hours of coverage starting at 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific at this link.

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