‘The Good Wife’ Cancelled To Make Way For Comic Thriller ‘BrainDead’

The Good Wife is gearing up for its final season, and although CBS announced the news during its Super Bowl 50 platform, the news came as a surprise to The Good Wife co-creators Robert King and Michelle King.

As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Robert King was under the impression that CBS was still making up its mind whether to continue with the award-winning show.

“CBS was still considering the possibility of continuing on so we only heard about the Super Bowl possibility within the last week.”

On the other hand, it seems that there were plenty of warning signs that CBS was putting its attention elsewhere. As the Hollywood Reporter mentioned, Robert King and Michelle King are already working on the next project, a comic thriller named BrainDead, which is sent to premiere on CBS this summer.

The International Business Times reported that Julianna Margulies, the star of The Good Wife, released a press statement following the announcement that the show would be cancelled after Season 7 had aired. In her statement, she spoke about what her time as Alicia Florrick has meant to her over the past seven years.

“Being a part of The Good Wife has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. As an actress and a producer, it has been an absolute honor to be a part of a series that, throughout seven years, never settled on being just good… but always strived to be extraordinary.”

For fans of The Good Wife who are devastated that yet another of their favorite shows is coming to an end, MTV News has the solution. They come up with a list of 10 Good Wife spin-off ideas, and while it is highly unlikely that any of these will ever come to fruition, at the very least, fans of The Good Wife will be able to find variations of these ideas on fan-fiction sites around the web.

First on MTV’s list of good wife spin-off ideas is a Murphy Brown-style show centered around Diane Lockhart, which they see as a “realistic depiction of being a working woman in her sixties.” This spin-off idea also includes Diane Lockhart’s husband, Kurt, as well as David Lee as the obvious antagonist.


Another cracking idea for a spinoff based on The Good Wife is The Bad Husband, revolving around Michael J. Fox’s famous character Lewis Canning.

“Who wouldn’t want to see him leading a charge of moralistic young attorneys and eventually turning them to the dark side?”

Other ideas include Argos XXL (in which Cary Argos becomes a stripper to pay off his debts), Just One More Thing (centred around Elsbeth Tascioni), Florrick 2020 (revolving around yet another one of Peter Florrick’s political campaigns), Will Gardner, Ghost Attorney-At-Law (because let’s face it, just because someone has died doesn’t mean they can’t help solve cases from the afterlife), and Where’s Kalinda? (in which characters continue to wonder where Kalinda Sharma is and receive cryptic text messages and notes left on their desks but never catch a glimpse of Kalinda herself).

The International Business Times gave away a few spoilers about Season 7, all of which seemed to be a little dull. Surely Alicia helping her daughter Grace with her college applications won’t be one of the highlights of The Good Wife’s final season? Or perhaps that’s the extent of information that has been released about Season 7 of The Good Wife so far: maybe the more interesting storylines are being kept under wraps.

In any event, Robert King and Michelle King have released a juicy spoiler about the final episode of The Good Wife, that it would be named simply “End.”

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]