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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Panics, Sam And Jason Reconnect, Anna Digs, And Nathan Proposes A Plan To Maxie

Tuesday brings a dramatic episode for fans of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Elizabeth will be worried and scrambling to figure out exactly what has happened at her house, while Sam works on her recovery at the hospital. The February 9 show brings more related to Ava, Paul, Anna, and Alexis as well, and people will not want to miss this episode.

As GH fans saw on Monday’s show, Jason managed to find Sam and carry her out of Elizabeth’s house just before it blew up. At the hospital, Jake said he was sorry for killing Sam. While viewers know that is not exactly what happened, Elizabeth worries that Jake may have pushed Sam down the stairs after she realizes that Sam was at Liz’s house when it exploded.

General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that during Tuesday’s show, Liz will be intensely worried about Jake as she sorts through what just happened. Jake’s understanding of what played out is a bit flawed, but Liz and Jason have been terribly concerned about him as it is, and teasers indicate that soon, Jake will be sent off to get some intense help.

Sam told Jason that she held on because of him, and GH viewers watched as she had some hallucinations and flashbacks related to him as she was stuck in the basement. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will be sharing a bit more with Jason in this next episode about how he is the reason she held on as she waited for help.

Alexis will learn of Sam’s accident, and she will surely rush to be by her daughter’s side. General Hospital spoilers also share that Ava will be presenting Julian and Alexis with a wedding gift during this episode, and it seems that it is a doozy of some sort. Fans will also see Julian and Ava talking as he questions her about just how much trouble she is in this time. Will Ava come clean with her brother?

Anna has been intent on figuring out the truth about Paul’s activities in Port Charles, and while he is suspicious of her, she keeps digging. General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry share that Anna will be trying a different approach to tackle the Paul situation, as she starts trying to be a bit flirtatious with him. Will he really fall for this? It seems the two will have a conversation where he opens up a bit about his children, and this may be laying the groundwork for some twists and turns ahead.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nathan and Maxie will be talking about taking a step in their relationship, and later in the week they will be scheming to push Lulu and Dante back together again. These two may have signed their divorce papers, but viewers know there is still a lot of love there. Will Maxie and Nathan’s plan work, thus opening up some space for them to officially live together?

The buzz is that this crisis with Sam will pave the way for a true reunion with Jason as the two rebuild their relationship. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Elizabeth, however, will be struggling more than ever. She just lost her house, and her son is in the midst of a serious mental health crisis, plus she is realizing that she has truly lost Jason. There is buzz that there could be some big changes for Liz ahead, but fans will have to stay tuned for a bit. Are you happy to see where things seem to be heading with “JaSam” now on General Hospital?

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