Matt LeBlanc Denies Claims He Had Nervous Breakdown After 'Friends' Ended

Matt LeBlanc Almost Had Nervous Breakdown After ‘Friends’?

Recent reports say that Matt LeBlanc almost suffered a nervous breakdown after Friends came to an end. However, the actor and Top Gear presenter denies this, saying that he never even did an interview with the Daily Mirror, which originally shared the statement.

'Friends' Star Matt LeBlanc Almost Suffered Nervous Breakdown After Show End
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Various publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, have reported that LeBlanc suffered a breakdown during the mid-2000s after his Friends spin-off, Joey, was cancelled due to poor ratings. During the alleged interview, the actor said that he hid away for five years, rather than enjoying some of what could have been the best years of his life. Numerous things happened during the end of the 2000s, including his show being cancelled after just two seasons.

LeBlanc is best known for his role of struggling actor Joey Tribbiani on Friends, alongside Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Lisa Kudrow. After the show, he was the only member of the main cast to get a spin-off, which focused on the actor moving back home and being surrounded by his sisters. However, the comedy was not as well taken as the original show, and it was cancelled two years later.

At the same time, Matt’s daughter Marina was diagnosed with abnormal brain development cortical dysplasia. She was just 8-months-old when she started suffering from seizures, according to the New York Daily News. The seizures eased when she turned 2, and she appears to have outgrown the medical condition fully. His marriage was also going through some trouble, leading to a divorce from Melissa McKnight.

During the interview, Matt LeBlanc allegedly said that he did not want a schedule during this time. He was burned out from everything else going on, and he refused to leave the house. Rather than calling his agent to find out what roles were out there, he asked his agent to forget about him for some time.

Matt LeBlanc May Have Had Nervous Breakdown After 'Friends' End
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After publications started sharing this story, LeBlanc felt like he had no choice but to defend his mental health. He took to Twitter to share that he had never done this interview and that he had never been close to having a nervous breakdown. It is unknown as of yet whether the 48-year-old actor will sue the original newspaper or not.

During his time out of the limelight, he did stay relatively quiet; there is no denying that. He allegedly spent the time on a cattle ranch and enjoyed the time with his daughter, who is now 11. They reportedly enjoy horseback riding and hiking, among other outdoor activities. It seems that the actor wants to keep his daughter active rather than relying on technology.

If the nervous breakdown rumors are true, he will not be the first Friends star to struggle with his career. Matthew Perry opened up about his alcohol addiction, which started during the run of the show. He says he does not remember three years of filming around Season 3 and 6. Since finishing the sitcom, he has opened up about dealing with his addiction and overcoming it. Because of his addiction, he struggled to find acting work afterwards.

LeBlanc is now focusing on the future. In 2011, he returned to TV with Episodes, a British-American comedy that won a 2012 Golden Globe. He has now been named as a co-presenter for British car comedy series Top Gear with Chris Evans. The two will replace Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, who have moved on to another car program for Amazon Prime. While there have been some complaints about Evans taking over the presenting, there are some Friends fans who look forward to seeing Matt LeBlanc on their TV screens regularly.

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