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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: FOX Russia Leaks Major Spoiler – ‘TWD’ Actor Threatens To Block Fans Sharing Plot On Twitter

The Walking Dead season 6 has been limited in spoilers. This is different from past seasons when fans posted new spoilers on a regular basis. The midseason premiere airs on Valentine’s Day and less than a week before the big event, a major TWD spoiler was leaked. The information didn’t come from fans, an extra who talked too much or even cast interviews. FOX Russia is at fault this time, according to The Walking Dead Enthusiasts.

Warning: A major spoiler for The Walking Dead season 6 is ahead.

Last summer, set photos of Carl Grimes with a bandaged eye circulated the Internet. At that time, it was classified as a rumor for The Walking Dead season 6. The photos were not very clear and these days it is easy to manipulate images.

Guess what, TWD fans, the rumor was true. FOX Russia released a promotional image of Carl Grimes with a bandage over one eye. Many fans are sure the network accidentally leaked the image. AMC, creator Robert Kirkman, the cast and crew were determined to keep spoilers for The Walking Dead season 6 under wraps. Due to the Internet and social media, the image quickly went viral.

Spoiler TV also published the photo of Carl Grimes with a bandaged eye. As one can tell by the domain name, the website specializes in spoilers. However, in this case, there was a warning and visitors had to physically click before the image would be shown.

As The Walking Dead Enthusiasts reported, one actor is not happy that the image is being shared. Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead, threatened to block Twitter users who were passing the photo around. Even though some viewers don’t like spoilers, there are websites and social media accounts dedicated to the cause. One in particular is The Spoiling Dead fans, a Facebook page with a mission to share the latest TWD spoilers

It is true that viewers know about Carl’s eye. However, does he actually lose it or is his eye just injured? Will Carl Grimes get shot in the eye, or will it happen some other way? What leads up to the bandaged eye? These are all questions that the image cannot answer.

Some fans feel that The Walking Dead season 6 spoilers “ruin” the show. However, others get even more excited when coming across them.

Wednesday will be another big day for those craving spoilers for The Walking Dead season 6. AMC announced that the first four minutes of the midseason premiere will be released on February 10. To watch the beginning of season 6, episode 9, titled “No Way Out,” install the AMC mobile app.

When The Walking Dead season 6 last aired, Rick and the others were forced to leave Alexandria. The zombie apocalypse survivors began to wade through a horde of walkers. Using a trick from season 1, episode 2, titled “Guts,” the group cover themselves with walker guts and blood. It helps disguise the smell of “living” flesh.

However, the end of the midseason 6 finale showed Jessie’s young son yelling for his mother. This frustrated TWD fans because noise attracts walkers. When The Walking Dead season 6, episode 9 airs, viewers will find out if the group turns into zombie bait because of Sam calling out for his mom. A press release for “No Way Out” was released, which hints the premiere will be a killer episode.

“While trying to escape Alexandria, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his group meet trouble,” according to Dread Central. The website teased, “when sudden noise draws walkers towards them with what could be fatal consequences.”

The Walking Dead season 6 returns to AMC on February 14.

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