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Candy Spelling Telling Tori To Dump Dean McDermott During Financial Issues

Tori Spelling has been dealing with a lot of financial issues recently, but her mom, Candy, might just have the solution for it all. OK! Magazine shared that Tori’s mom actually thinks that Tori should dump her husband, Dean McDermott, and that this would make their financial problems better. Tori has made it clear on her reality shows that she obviously has a problem with shopping and doesn’t want to get rid of things, but her mom Candy doesn’t see that as the main problem.

A source spoke out and shared that Tori Spelling’s mom thinks that Dean McDermott is the problem. Here is what the source revealed.

“Candy believes that Tori’s troubles started when she hooked up with Dean, a guy neither she nor Tori’s late father, Aaron, ever approved of. She thinks it’s Dean who wants a certain lifestyle and that he’s pushing Tori to come up with the cash to support it.”

The odd thing about this is that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott do have four children together and seem like a happy couple now. In the past, Dean cheated on Tori, but she has forgiven him and they have worked things out. If Tori was going to leave him, it probably would have been when the cheating scandal was revealed.

The source went on to share that Tori Spelling’s husband isn’t making any money, and doesn’t seem to even have any job prospects right now. Dean is still continuing to spend money though, even though they don’t have it. Tori and Dean recently moved into a smaller home so that they could have a lower rent, and maybe do better with money. Tori has picked up a few jobs recently, like a small role in a movie, and being Psychic Source’s new celebrity partner and spokesperson. Dean McDermott hasn’t picked up a new job lately, though.

This source shared that Tori’s mom is still upset about the cheating scandal, where Dean McDermott cheated on her daughter with Emily Goodhand. This scandal is what made the show True Tori happen, but that show didn’t last for long. Since then, Tori and Dean haven’t been able to get another reality show, even though it is very obvious that they want one.

People shared that Tori Spelling actually did an interview with Lena Dunham recently and spoke out about the cheating scandal once again. This may have happened a few years ago, but it doesn’t look like this will ever be something that Tori can stop talking about. Her fans still want to know how she feels. Tori is now talking about how she felt when the magazine cover came out, revealing what Dean had to done to her.

“Like I didn’t have a choice. Everything about me was stripped away with one magazine cover. That was it. I always say I can replay everything that happened during that time. The hardest part about it was, like, ‘You’re really going to put this on the cover of the magazine three days before Christmas? It’s Christmas. It’s family. I know we’re in Hollywood, and I know we put a lot of ourselves out there, but really, we do this?’ “

Tori Spelling knew that this was not going away, and that people would continue to talk about it. Tori then did her reality show and just put it all out there for the world to see.

Do you think that Candy Spelling might have the right idea by telling Tori Spelling to leave Dean McDermott? Do you think that Tori will ever actually leave him? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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