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Farrah Abraham Partners With Mom In New Business Venture, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star No Longer Feuding With Debra

Farrah Abraham has become the center of controversy this season on Teen Mom OG. Since the season began airing in early January, there has been nothing but bad press thrown Abraham’s way. From the way she talks to her mother to the parenting tactics used on Sophia, there is nothing that is off limits. Abraham has not taken kindly to the criticism from outsiders, especially ones who are on the celebrity level. While the publicity hasn’t been good, Abraham is relishing in every minute her name is put out there. She doesn’t care what others think, especially when it comes to topics like how she treats her mother and spoils her daughter.

Because Farrah Abraham’s notoriously bad relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen, is so apparent, the latest news is a bit shocking to fans. According to Wetpaint, Farrah Abraham has teamed up with her mom to do a “Mom & Me” line of products. It was apparently debuted in New York over the weekend. The business is a complete family affair. Abraham is heading it up with Danielsen, and both Sophia and Danielsen’s mother are also on board. The line is of Italian-inspired foods, much of which have stemmed from various ideas the two have had in the past. It seems that counseling has helped the duo work through some of their issues, though many are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

On top of the “Mom & Me” line Farrah Abraham just launched with Debra Danielsen, she has various projects she is working on with Sophia. The Teen Mom OG star has seemingly drifted away from her sex toy line, but still makes money off the molds of her private parts. Abraham must have realized how inappropriate stuff like that was for her daughter to see. Sophia is very much a part of Abraham’s daily life. Even when she finds herself in a Twitter war with Nicki Minaj, Abraham inserts Sophia in the situation. She has come under fire for what she does allow, especially when it comes down to her daughter’s age.

After being under fire for weeks on end, Farrah Abraham seemingly lost her cool last week. According to Hollywood Life, Farrah Abraham snapped when she was heavily criticized during a Facebook question and answer session regarding Teen Mom OG. It was not a proud moment for the former teen mom, especially while she is already under fire for the way she treats people. Last week, the footage for tonight’s Teen Mom OG episode really had people upset. In fact, Abraham’s co-stars were enraged over the way she treated Larry in the footage. Abraham literally put her hands on him, and the words she directed toward him were not kind.

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Going forward, there are some lessons Farrah Abraham should learn about respect. She is currently working through counseling with her mom, and that should help with the new business venture. Fans are wondering if the counseling happening is the same thing she had the disagreement with the producer over. That topic came up when Abraham confronted Larry outside of her home. She would have been in breech of contract because the shows were similar. It will be interesting to find out more about what really happened, and where they are now.

All of the ladies were present for the filming of the Teen Mom OG reunion show, including Farrah Abraham. In fact, that was the same weekend that Taylor McKinney proposed to Maci Bookout. Abraham went and congratulated her arch enemy. Perhaps watching this season back will help to open Farrah Abraham’s eyes about her behavior, and the way she treats people around her.

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