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Adam Lind Giving Up On Custody Battle: Could He Ever Get Aubree Back?

Adam Lind still films Teen Mom when Chelsea Houska has signed on for another season, as he is the biological father of little Aubree. Adam wanted to sign over Aubree to Chelsea when she was very little, because he didn’t want any responsibility. He called Aubree a mistake, but over the past couple of years, he’s been trying to get more time with his daughter. But the custody battle could be taking a turn. According to a new Radar Online report, Adam Lind hasn’t done much lately to get more time with Aubree.

Apparently, Adam has given up a bit, as he hasn’t done anything for a year to get more time with his first-born daughter. It has been over a year since he had a big fight with Chelsea. While Houska may be thrilled that Lind is going away, as she is now engaged to a new man, Aubree may be sad that she won’t be seeing her dad so much.

“It’s been quiet on that front,” a source close to him has revealed, adding, “He knows he has a losing case.”

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About a year ago, Adam Lind took Chelsea to court in hopes of getting joint custody or at least get unsupervised visits with his daughter. Adam was furious that someone had to be present when he was visiting his daughter. The judge sided with Chelsea, and shut down any requests to see his daughter on his own. This happened in March, 2015, and Chelsea was thrilled that this was the case. Adam Lind was told that he could try again in 6 months, which would have been in October — but only if he could stay out of trouble.

Sadly for Aubree, that day has long passed, and Adam Lind has failed to make any moves. Lind is convinced that nothing will change if he goes to court in hopes of getting more time with his daughter. For him, it may just be a waste of time and money.

“He knows nothing will change,” the source explains, adding, “So he doesn’t bother.”

Of course, he does make it easy for his ex-girlfriends. Adam Lind isn’t exactly the guy who behaves. Chelsea has tried to keep their daughter away from him, so she doesn’t see the bad side of her father. A more previous ex, by the name of Jessica Nicole, has filed a restraining order against him, claiming that he choked and hit her back in 2014. A year after that incident, Adam found himself in various social media battles. He also used Instagram to attack a follower named Khris in a racist and homophobic rant, according to Radar Online.

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“F***ing c**n, calm you’re a** down before you get lumped up punk,” Adam previously wrote on Instagram, according to Radar Online, adding, “Like I said, if you wanna bump your big a** gums come to Sioux Falls, SD, and let’s go. You stupid n**** all you’re gonna do is run your mouth. Just remember, you’re the one who knows an awful lot about me?? You’ve been following teen mom for sometime now…Who’s the real f**? Haha, keep supporting my salary boy.”

Chelsea and her family were disgusted by his behavior, and it is these kinds of things that will help her in court. She has previously printed other social media posts to prove how he has little respect. But his own behavior on Teen Mom hasn’t helped his case at all. It will be interesting to see what he has to say for himself when Teen Mom returns to MTV later this year.

What do you think of Adam Lind’s decision to slow down on the custody battle?

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