Lady Gaga Sings At SuperBowl

Super Bowl 50: Lady Gaga Was So Awesome, Few Noticed Certain Unusual Details

At Super Bowl 50, Lady Gaga wore a sparkling red Gucci suit, and heavily applied matching red glitter eye-shadow. As a slightly unusual contrast, her nails were painted a shimmering dark blue. However, her face was not heavily made up. Other than her eyeshadow, she had a wholesome, almost fresh scrubbed beauty to her skin, and there was no red or dark lipstick, either. The only things that really did not match were her shoes. Well, they matched her outfit and nail polish, but not each other.

The Huffington Post explains that for Super Bowl 50, Lady Gaga chose a pair of American flag-inspired, custom Gucci shoes, specifically made not to match at all. One shoe was blue, while the other was red and white, but both sported little silver panther head shoe toppers. Perhaps Mama Monster was trying to bring Cam Newton and friends a little luck, but unfortunately, lucky shoes were not enough to influence the outcome of the game.

Lady Gaga's Shoes don't match
Lady Gaga’s shoes don’t match, but they are Gucci. [Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]
For Super Bowl 50, Lady Gaga created and sang her own special rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” before a full house in one of the largest stadiums in North America. The biggest TV audience of the year also watched from their homes, all around the world. It was an amazingly flawless performance, and a tough act to follow, as both Carolina Panthers and Coldplay found out a little later.

Overall, Lady Gaga not only looked stunning as usual, she was absolutely beautiful. Her face was positively radiant against her platinum blond hair. Something was also very different about her overall persona. It was a side of Lady Gaga most fans had never seen. She treated the song with a respect akin to reverence, and the style of her musical arrangement was slightly reminiscent of gospel music. Her voice conveyed great meaning and significance to the centuries-old lyrics.

Lady Gaga looks as angelic singing national anthem
Lady Gaga sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]
The Super Bowl 50 Lady Gaga performance exceeded all expectations, as she displayed tremendous vocal range and perfect enunciation. She scored higher than either team, at least in the hearts and minds of awestricken football fans. It seems that no one really knew that the Lady could sing quite that well.

Lady Gaga’s “Star Spangled Banner” arrangement was absolutely stunning, and her voice was pitch perfect. The song is known for its difficult high notes. It takes incredible range to be able to sing the national anthem correctly, but Lady Gaga took that high note even higher, with a an amazing little flourish that thrilled virtually everyone who watched Super Bowl 50.

#SuperBowl50LadyGaga tweets reflected the amazement of virtually all listeners, whether famous or not, and whether musically talented or not. In an odd coincidence, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Gene Simmons chose the word “solid” to express their appreciation of Lady Gaga’s amazing voice, while others were a bit more descriptive of their emotions. Many said it brought tears to their eyes.

Super Bowl 50 was Lady Gaga’s highest honor and a dream come true, according to Entertainment Weekly. She took her job very seriously, finding great meaning in the lyrics and a great challenge in its melody.

Lady Gaga explained, this is “one of the highest honors of my career.”

“I have to live up to a song that stands the test of time. I think the best way to do that is kind of forget about yourself and just focus on what it means.”

One cannot argue that it is a great honor to be asked to sing at the Super Bowl. It is a really awesome opportunity, not only for a wide exposure to showcase talent, but also to become part of a great American tradition.

At Super Bowl 50, Lady Gaga performed the National Anthem, and that became a part of American history.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]