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Oregon Drops Glove Requirement For Restaurants and Food Prep

Food sanitation is an issue that makes many wary, as so much is predicated on personal habits or ideas about what is or is not a dealbreaker in the kitchen — glove use or lack thereof being one of the things that sets many people on edge when a restaurant’s cleanliness is being considered.

Oregon has recently scrapped a requirement that glove use be maintained for food service workers for a few reasons, highlighting the issue of whether glove use creates a false sense of security among those who prepare food as well as those who consume it in dining establishments.

In the US, it is a requirement that those who prepare food wear gloves to avoid contamination, and we have grown accustomed to not seeing those who are cutting tomatoes or tossing salad using bare hands to handle food being consumed by restaurant goers.

But in Oregon, where recently passed food safety regulations dropped the requirement, legislators say that hand washing is and should be the primary focus when working to avoid food-borne illness. Opponents of a glove requirement in Oregon argue that gloves not only provide a false sense of security (perhaps making hand washing feel less necessary to prep workers) but also that gloves cost a lot and generate plastic waste.

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