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Fiat Introduces World’s First In-Car Espresso Machine, World’s Most Efficient Searing Burns During Fender Bender

Italian automaker Fiat has introduced the world’s first in-car espresso machine, which, the company must have been aware, is drawing a few raised-eyebrows due to the fact it is a car with an espresso machine in it.

Fiat’s espresso machine is taking the “options” category of cars a bit further than even frippery-friendly Americans are used to — of course, many people want a car with backseat DVDs and outlets for passengers, but something about an in-car espresso machine seems so… well, potentially distracting and dangerous for the driver.

The Fiat brand is just really making its latest debut in the US, having retired from distribution stateside for some years before the introduction of the adorable and compact Fiat 500. (Having test driven one just two weeks ago, I can say that the vehicle is exceedingly both of those things, and a fun little car to zip around in.)

You’ve probably spotted a few Fiat 500s scooting about in the states, particularly in metropolitan areas, but there’s no reason yet to keep a broad distance for fear your fellow driver is crafting a delicious Americano while in Holland Tunnel traffic — the Fiat 500 with in-car espresso maker has not yet been made available in the maker’s models.

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