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Little Girl Rescues Cat From Corgi [Happy Sunday Video]

Cat Saved By Toddler

Here’s a happy way to spend your Sunday afternoon video viewing. This little girl quickly realizes that her big fluffy cat is about to become Corgi nibbles and she jumps into action.

Watch how quickly and fearlessly the little girl picks up her favorite pet, even though the cat is the same size as the little girl.

If her single act of heroics isn’t enough for you the little girl then walks away with the big fluffy cat which is nearly her size as the corgi continues its attempted attack.

This little girl has a future in animal protection.

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10 Responses to “Little Girl Rescues Cat From Corgi [Happy Sunday Video]”

  1. Victoria Kage Beckons

    why did no one help that little girl? her mum just videoing the whole thing and the other adults she walked by who did nothing to keep a snapping, snarling dog away from both little girl and cat. what if the dog had bit the kid? would you put your cell phone down then?

  2. Kendra Harris

    A cat that size would have hurt that pup & it knew it… notice the intrest was lost when the cat was put on the ground.

  3. Mustafa Marouf

    Why the hell didn't the mom help? Just for the 1 minute of fame on youtube and Facebook? Asshole.
    Atleast the kid had a little sense.

  4. Matthew Avent

    The dog is playing as the little girl is just carrying the cat. Probably both the dog and the cat are family pets. Cute video though. :)

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