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FBI Determines That George Zimmerman Is Not A Racist

George Zimmerman Has Private Security Detail

George Zimmerman was determined not to be a racist according to the FBI. The federal agency interviewed “dozens” of George Zimmerman’s coworkers, neighbors and friend to learn about the character of the man accused of shooting Florida teen Trayvon Martin, Reuters reports. The results of the FBI independent investigation may presumably negate any plans of hate crimes by the prosecution. The FBI agents investigated the actions of both George Zimmerman and Sanford Police officers involved with the Trayvon Martin case.

During one FBI interview into George Zimmerman’s background, Sanford Police Department Detective Christopher Serino stated he did not believe race was a factor in the Trayvon Martin shooting, according to FBI report excerpts republished on The Blaze. Serino was the lead investigator in the shooting of the Florida teen.

The FBI report also notes the Sanford detective felt that Zimmerman based his actions not on skin color but on the clothing worn by Trayvon Martin. According to details offered by Serino a local gang known as the “Goons” often wore hooded sweatshirts. Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera also made references to the role the “hoodie” may have played in the actions which led to Martin’s shooting.

The FBI findings noted that the only possible prejudice exhibited by George Zimmerman was directed at his fellow Hispanics. While searching Zimmerman’s past for possible Civil Rights violations, the FBI investigators learned that he often played basketball with whites, blacks and Hispanic men. But, when George Zimmerman interacted on MySpace he made statements critical of Mexicans while he lived in Virginia. Zimmerman maintained that Mexicans where he lived were known to “pull out knives and messed with people’s cars.”

“I don’t mess driving around scared to miss Mexicns, walkin’ on the side of the street, soft as wanna be thugs messin’ with people’s cars when they ain’t around,” one MySpace post from George Zimmeran read, according to FBI excerpts republished on The Blaze.

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11 Responses to “FBI Determines That George Zimmerman Is Not A Racist”

  1. Chad LeDoux

    Oh so now the FBI is covering that he's a racist up, how funny. I've had to deal with the FBI and trust me they would of discovered him being racist if he ever even passed gas towards a black in a racial manner. It amazes me so many people can't accept maybe he didn't do it cause he was black. No one can even question if he acted in self defense. Always in America no one can question maybe it was right. I don't believe in racial profiling but I believe in statistics. Look at crime statistics and see who commits what crimes. Just do it and once someone is educated on the racial makeup of crime statistics are they really a racist or are they using an educated guess? The point is you had a black male with a hoodie on walking through I'm sure a mainly white neighborhood where there had been burglaries. Does anyone think he's not going to be looked at. It's the way our society is and people need to accept it. May not be right but it happens. If there's a news flash about a serial killer in my town. Bet your butt I'm calling the cops on every middle aged white man who still wears a Members Only Jacket. Just the way it is in the world. If you want to blame anyone we have to blame ourselves. People judge a race by how a few act. It's trust for all races

  2. Chris Weatherford

    So its always got to be a racist view with a punk like you, huh, maybe your the racist stupid you are one of the people who think everytime something happens between a black person and someone of another race its a racially motivated action, have you thought that for one moment that
    maybe that boy was a punk

  3. Michael C. Bruins

    Bigot. It just kills you all to accept the fact that we DON'T live in a post racial society and that there are issues within America when it comes to race relations. Of course you will never have to experience what it's like to be a part of an oppressed population so you get offended every time someone of color brings up something that doesn't paint the majority population in a positive light. You should actually do some research on the FBI before you dismiss Eaddy's statement. The FBI was notorious for constantly launching campaigns to destroy groups that aimed to better the living conditions in black communities. And what a punk move to speak ill of the dead. Have some respect you ignorant example of why Americans are the most hated group of people in the world.

  4. David Herndon

    Do you think George Zimmerman would have reported Trayvon as being suspicious and followed him if he was a white kid? The FBI gets a failing grade in their determination that Zimmerman was not racist.

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