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One of the best pictures out of Iran


They say that one picture is worth a thousand words. Well this picture is worth that and a lot more in my opinion.

via Technovia

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8 Responses to “One of the best pictures out of Iran”

  1. thequeendiva

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! with love– from America!! Stand proud dont take no crap!!

  2. StevenHodson

    Boo Hiss Boo .. to the corner with you Boredcollegekid for ruining our illusion :) All I can say is it would have been nice if it was true

  3. MadMan

    It's almost certainly fake, but this would be a truly great picture if it captured the back of this rude bitch's head exploding. If it is real she's probably paying for this with a little gangbang lovin' courtesy of the prison guards. I despise little rich bitch do gooder's that think its their right to denigrate and defame a legitimate government no matter what country it is in. Maybe they present her that finger in a bottle of preservative if and when they let her out of jail.

  4. Anon

    If that's the original photo, it kinda looks like she's presenting her thumb towards them? Or is that a stretch of the imagination? What's she doing? Either way yay her

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