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Nicole Madison Lovell Photos: 13-Year-Old Used Facebook Teen Dating Groups, Found Dead — Virginia Tech Student David Edmond Eisenhauer Arrested [Video]

The sad news that 13-year-old Nicole Madison Lovell was found dead has broken, as reported in the video from the Roanoke Times.

Nicole went missing on Wednesday, reports the Roanoke Times, with police from Blacksburg, Virginia, reporting that she had been found dead. Despite days of desperate searches for Nicole, and reports of a health condition that threatened her life, the remains of the 13-year-old were discovered within North Carolina.

Authorities have arrested David Edmond Eisenhauer, an 18-year-old Virginia Tech student, in connection with Nicole’s death, reports Richmond Times-Dispatch. Eisenhauer is from Columbia, Maryland, and was a member of Virginia Tech’s cross country track team prior to his name being removed from the school’s roster. David was a freshman at Virginia Tech with an engineering major, but now that he has been arrested and held without bail, that’s the kind of felony arrest that can cause Virginia Tech students to be immediately placed on interim suspension. Eisenhauer was charged with felony abduction and murder.

Nicole’s family discovered her dresser placed against her bedroom door on Wednesday morning, and thought she likely climbed out of her window. Lovell didn’t bring her medication with her when the 13-year-old went missing.

Nicole’s Facebook photos, as reported by Heavy, show a baby-faced Lovell. Nicole belonged to teen dating groups on Facebook, reports Heavy. The photos of Nicole show her with family members, and her now-devastated father, David Lovell, who reacted that he was in shock on Facebook after hearing the news of her death. Lovell had a tracheotomy scar that can be seen in her Facebook photos, with some of the photos of the four-foot, eight-inche tall Lovell appearing to have originated from Snapchat.

The Facebook page called Help Find Nicole Lovell posted a response about her death from Tim Sands, the Virginia Tech president.

Jan. 30, 2016

Dear members of the Virginia Tech community,

The devastating loss of a young member of our Blacksburg community, Nicole Madison Lovell, along with the investigation of a Virginia Tech student in connection with the case, has everyone in a state of shock and sadness. Speaking on behalf of our community, let me say that our hearts go out to Nicole’s family and friends.

As a father, as well as Virginia Tech’s president, I want to reassure you that our community is supportive and resilient. Lean on that support and the resources available to you. It is normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed at a time such as this. You are not alone.

Campus resources are online and listed below and I encourage you to ask for help, it is a sign of wisdom. Check in with your friends and your classmates and support them by sharing resources and encouraging them to ask for help. We are here for each other.

Let’s stay strong together,

Tim Sands

As reported by WDBJ7, Nicole’s disappearance frightened her father and step-mother and caused extra concern because she didn’t take her medication for a liver transplant with her when she left. Lovell’s father got a call from Nicole’s mother letting him know that their daughter was missing. Lovell’s Facebook account and other social media accounts went silent.

Virginia Tech was the site of a devastating campus shooting on April 16, 2007, in Blacksburg, Virginia. With the sad and devastating news that a baby-faced teenager met with her death allegedly at the hands of an 18-year-old Virginia Tech student, tragedy has once again visited the region.

The Facebook page that sought to “Help Find Nicole Lovell” now has a post from the Virginia Tech president that also links to counseling services for those who’d like to use them in the wake of Lovell’s death.

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