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Swedish city legalizes topless bathing….at public swimming pools


Sweden’s third largest city has legalized topless bathing…at public swimming pools.

The City of Malmö decision after initially being asked to vote on a motion that would force women to cover up after a feminist group started appearing at pools topless. Instead they voted in an amended version that said that “everybody should wear bathing suits,” leaving the door open for topless bathing as long as the woman was wearing a bottom part of a bikini.

A council spokesman told The Local that “We don’t define what bathing suits men should wear so it doesn’t make much sense to do it for women. And besides, it’s not unusual for men to have large breasts that resemble women’s breasts.”

The leader of the feminist group behind the law said that “It’s a question of equality. I think it’s a problem that women are sexualized in this way. If women are forced to wear a top, shouldn’t men also have to?”

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38 Responses to “Swedish city legalizes topless bathing….at public swimming pools”

  1. thewendyjx

    How does your comment relate to the story in any way? You sound a bit self serving. Perhaps I am wrong but you are not supposed to market yourself in the first comment of a story.

  2. ghierhgephgdr

    These fembots are so bass ackwards they can't see the difference between men being topless and women being topless.

    For once, though, I agree with their semi-retarded agenda.

    You heard 'em ladies! Tops off please.

  3. dhump

    ghierhgephgdr : be careful what you wish for! With the good comes the bad!

  4. Jimbo

    Wow, I can't say I wouldn't mind but wouldn't those feminists groups want to cover up when all the guys are not swimming and just gawking at their titties? I mean we do it anyways but at least we can somewhat control ourselves a little if you're covered up. But seriously what is the big deal in covering your tits for a short time while at a public place? It's not that we (men) think you're not equal but based on male instincts and behaviour it's just helps us stay in check and not get all horned up and possibly act on those feelings in a poor way.

  5. nudistguy

    I want to move to that town and start walking around butt naked. Maybe it will catch on and women will also want to walk around naked.

  6. Name


    Seriously people, what's the real story here? That somewhere allows breasts to be seen in public, or that most western societies are so prudish and controlled that they consider the public viewing of bodies to be a major event?

  7. Roland combes

    That's pretty much the mentality behind the burkha. Can't have women expose too much otherwise men lose control, poor things.

  8. Sarah

    This is not a new phenomena. In Ontario you have been able to appear topless in public places for about 10 years now. Occasionally you will catch a glimpse of a topless woman at the beach, or on walking trails along the river, but few really bother going topless

  9. Amico

    How pathetic. No wonder these countries are heading downwards.

    “We don’t define what bathing suits men should wear so it doesn’t make much sense to do it for women. And besides, it’s not unusual for men to have large breasts that resemble women’s breasts.”” How stupid is this guy's logic!? Well for starters women's breasts are a symbol of sexuality unlike man boobs! Seriously retards, just doing whatever suits and satisfies their sexual drives. It's like we're living in a Zoo now!

  10. Ante

    Women has had the option to go topless at public beaches (and some pools) here in Sweden for decades, it has yet not made anyone get “all horned up” and made them “act on those feelings” somehow. If a man who seems a topless woman manages to lose control of their “instincts”, he is clearly insane.

    In fact, the only reason this story is even a story is because the city of Malmö has quite a large populations of refugees from muslim countries. So in that sense, the burkha comment is spot on.

  11. Ante


    And really, it would not even be an event if it was not for the multi-cultural nature of Malmö.

  12. Janet Wilkinson

    No one is going to complain about this one. Just don't be upset when men simply spend all their time staring at women's tits the entire time. Or that rape cases suddenly start to rise as a result of it. There is a big difference between men and women showing their chest only a delusional feminist would be so blind as to ignore them for the sake of women's rights…

  13. Rudi Kramp

    Here in Cape Town, South Africa, it's legal for women to be topless at beaches. Police said they'd only take action if getting complaints. They never have.
    I'd say that it isn't so adviseable here anyway – the strong sun on those sensitive parts.

  14. Michael Not-telling

    lol stupid feminists… they want to be equal with men by being able to be topless, yet they will be quick to complain when more men are staring at them. I bet next they will try to bring in a law that forbids men to stare at topless women in public for more than 5 seconds.

  15. Rudi Kramp

    They already are trying to bring in that law. Apparently something about that not staring is already in place in e.g. France and Italy.

  16. Rudi Kramp

    It has also been said that the main ones who'll stare at their breats, comment and criticise them will be – other women.
    Yeah, they grouse about it being unfair that women can't be topless. Yet, it's also unfair that e.g. in some office workplaces men must always wear e.g. long pants, shoes and socks. But, women can e.g. in summer wear sleeveless top, shorts and open-toed shoes.

  17. Janet Wilkinson

    They might try and get a law like "no staring at breasts" in place but it doesn't exist yet and they will never achieve such a ridiculous feat. Even if they did they would never be able to enforce it. It would also make way for other ridiculous laws like "no staring at my crotch" laws which is equally as stupid.

  18. Mark Nesbitt

    …and feminists are the ones who hate men? Yet you're stating that we should require women to wear tops at all times because men are so weak that all inhibition, decision making, and self control just vanishes at the sight of a boob, and this law will result in increased rapes. You think so low of men that you believe if they see boobs they will not be able to help themselves from raping. And the conclusion you reach is that we should blame women, prevent them from doing as they please with their bodies, because expecting men to be decent humans and not uncontrollably raping at the sight of an exposed nipple is just too much to ask? Could you please explain how this makes feminists the man haters?

  19. Janet Wilkinson

    Wow can you fit more straw in your argument ? 1. I never said that feminists hate all men, as it so happens the vast majority of them do but that's irrelevant to this discussion. 2. It doesn't require a massive amount of intelligence to figure out that if women in such a backwards country such as Sweden are at risk from rape when they walk through shady areas wearing virtually no clothing, that by walking around topless at a pool showing off their tits to potentially hundreds of strangers the chance one of those people (men or women) is some kind of pervert / rapist is going to be fairly high especially as they visit the pool regularly. And again it doesn't take a vast quantity of intelligence to figure out that by flashing their bodies in that way it's going to excite said person (again man or woman). All it would take then is for that person to follow the topless woman to a vulnerable location and take advantage. This is pretty much just common sense. Obviously men have higher sex drives and respond more to visual stimulus. Imagine if we reverse the genders and have men walking around without their trunks on with raging hardons, are you telling me that women wouldn't behave differently around them ? You would have to be some kind of moron to think that they wouldn't. If this was in the UK or US I would say topless women wouldn't make any difference to rape or sexual assault numbers but in under developed countries like Sweden god knows what will happen. If we follow your logic we should all be able to walk around fully naked all the time regardless of the consequences because it's our body…I guess that would be ok in front of children as well in your eyes ? You sound like you have a very skewed view on reality. Fortunately for us people like you are arrested for exposing themselves to children quite early on so you never get to a position where you actually influence anything.

  20. Mark Nesbitt

    Hahahah, Sweden an "under developed" country. Also there's a very big difference between a woman not wearing a shirt and an adult sexually assaulting a child by exposing themselves to them for sexual gratification. Talk about straw men

    Goodbye forever. Please learn more things.

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