Clash of Clans

‘Clash of Clans’ Update: Loot Cart, Treasury And Star Bonus Released

The much anticipated Clash of Clans update to fix loot issues, along with the new loot cart, treasury and star bonus feature has released, according to an update in Supercell forum.

The community spokesperson for Clash of Clans revealed that the team was busy “finalizing the update” in December and that the features have already been patched now.

The new update is also meant to fix the Town Hall 11 patch that was released a month ago.

“The Treasury is a protected area that is meant to shield the gathered loot and bonuses. Now the amount of loot that you can pile up in the Treasury, depends on your own Town Hall level as well as the Clan Perks that you can benefit from,” reports NeuroGadget.

Similarly, the Daily Bonus Star stored in the treasury will let gamers win five stars and win more loot during multiplayer battles. Players who are in Titan III league and higher will be receiving additional benefits with the maximum star bonus.

The last to come in the update is the Loot Cart. Gamers will see a broken down Loot Cart in their village that contains 20 percent of the resource they gained from the most recent attack. However, the loot needs to be connected so that they are not stolen. When gathered, the loot gets duplicated in the Treasury of the defender. But, Clash of Clans players also need to know that the carts are not useful if storage is already full.

A lot of additional changes has also come along with the update, including some minor balancing issues and bug fixes that were experienced by Android phone users.

Some Android phone users playing Clash of Clans reported an error prompt that says ‘Your device is not compatible with this version.’ However, Finnish developer behind the game responded right away calling it a cache problem on Android since iOS devices have not experienced the issue.

“Supercell stated for the record that the error seems to affect all sorts of Android phones, both new and old with no particular preference towards OS version or smartphone manufacturer,” details iDigital Times.

“In order to fix the problem in Clash of Clans, game developers recommend users to navigate to the Settings app and open App Manager where they need to select the Google Play Store Option. From there, a clear data option and a clear cache option is to be selected that resets any corrupt data in the device and allows users to update their Clash of Clans game to newest version.”

This is the second time in a row that Android users have had problems updating Clash of Clans to the latest version. However, no problem has been reported by iOS users.

Apart from these major updates, users with Town Hall 6 have access to second air defense, while third air defense will be unlocked to Clash of Clans users with Town Hall 7. Similarly, the Town Hall 11 update comes with a new defensive weapon called The Eagle Artillery, which now can cause three times more damage.

Despite the updates to Clash of Clans being advertised as the “safest place to save up bonus loot until you are ready to spend it,” fans have been complaining that the storage allotments is much too low to be effective. As one user said, “Treasury numbers are unfortunately smaller than I expected,” which makes it “very difficult to play the game at higher town hall levels.” Another angry fan wrote, “Treasury is a joke. How is this helping me save for anything.”

However, Supercell responded by sharing a fan-made video that shows how the feature needs to be utilized at its best.

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